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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Trump: A demented candidate for voters with dementia

He needs to win in Florida. He also needs his staged rallies to feed his massive ego.
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Demented Trump: The candidate of choice for those suffering from dementia.

New York’s gain is Florida’s loss. Donald John Trump, easily the most corrupt and immoral president in American history, is now an official Florida resident.

Trump held his fist rally in his new home state Tuesday, in Sunrise near Miami, and in his usual style, it became a rant fest laced with obscenities that he provided.

“You see what’s happening in the polls? Everybody said that’s really bullshit,” he told his cult like following. They responded with chants of “Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!”

That should be the expletive on Trump’s campaign hats for 2020.

It’s perfect.

After all, he is the most blatant example of a bullshit president.

In typical style. Trump unleashed a torrent of tirades, calling his impeachment “a scam and “a terrible hoax” and “a witch hunt.”

Trump could be describing himself. His presidency is a hoax and his actions are scams on top of scams.

Trump changed his official residence from New York City’s Trump Tower to his excessively gilded Mar a Lago resort in the Sunshine State.  Prosecutors in New York are closing in on him, and he won’t win there. He needs to win in Florida. He also needs his staged rallies to feed his massive ego.

Reports The Washington Post:

Throughout his political life, Trump has turned to rally crowds for sustenance at pivotal moments. His advisers and friends have long said Trump is convinced the images and messages emanating from these raucous gatherings are critical guidance for his voters about how to interpret his mounting challenges and defend him — and a powerful signal to GOP lawmakers about his standing with voters.

Lately, the effectiveness of Trump’s rally-centered approach has been tested in red states. He held rallies ahead of gubernatorial elections this month in Kentucky and Louisiana, but the GOP candidates fell in both contests despite Trump pleading with his supporters to vote. Top Republicans have insisted the candidates — not Trump — deserved the blame.

In Florida, polls this fall show Trump hovering below 50 percent approval, giving Democrats optimism about their chances of winning back the state in 2020. Since 2018’s stinging losses, many state Democratic leaders have been concentrating on courting Latino voters, although tensions continue between the party’s centrist and liberal wings. Among Republicans, Trump’s national approval in this month’s NPR-PBS-Marist poll and Gallup poll was 90 percent.

Census data shows just how divided the state has become demographically and how much Democratic ambitions largely rest on motivating younger and minority voters.

Trump plays well with seniors and 40 percent of Florida’s 20 million residents. They provided recent Republican victories in recent elections.

The Post continues:

“For him, rallies are referral marketing as he thinks through the campaign. He has people sitting there on their phones and sharing it all with hundreds or thousands of people. That’s the power of it,” says Christopher Ruddy, the Florida-based CEO of Newsmax Media and Trump’s friend. “He sees that. And he personally enjoys it, the Borscht belt stuff that he does, the connection of it all. It’s exhilarating for him.”

In other words, Trump plays best with those who often deal with dementia.

A perfect fit.


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