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Monday, January 17, 2022

Trump and his base: Racist & bigots alike

That's the bottom line of what is happening in America today.
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Now, more than ever.

When a racist and bigot takes control of the presidency of the United States, America can no longer claim to be the home of the brace or the land of the free.

Columnist Catherine Rampell writes in The Washington Post:

It was never about protecting the border, rule of law or the U.S. economy. And it was never about “illegal” immigration, for that matter.

Trump’s anti-immigrant bigotry was always just anti-immigrant bigotry.

Robin Wright of The New Yorker adds:

Most recently, the President, on Twitter, attacked four congresswomen of color and Representative Elijah Cummings, an African-American politician who represents Baltimore. Cummings is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, which recently subpoenaed the personal e-mails and texts of Trump, his inner circle, and his key associates. The President says he is simply attacking his critics, but his remarks repeatedly smack of racism.

Trump’s “repeated attacks on black legislators and comments about black communities” make the President an “ill-suited” choice to “commemorate a monumental period in American history. . . . The current President does not represent the values that we would celebrate at the 400th anniversary of the oldest democratic body in the western world.”

Trump claims he is “the least racist person in the world.”

African-Americans say otherwise. A Quinnipiac poll this year found 84 percent of African American voters say Trump is a racist. At least 55 percent (a clear majority) of Hispanics agree.

Writes Paul Waldman:

What (Trump) and the ghouls such as Stephen Miller who translate his xenophobic and racist impulses into the specifics of policy can do, however, is cause a great deal of immediate suffering to immigrants themselves. And Trump can tell people that immigrants are both the cause of their current problems and a dire threat to everything they value, and even their very lives. He can spread his poison of hate and fear, encouraging everyone to nourish and cultivate their worst impulses.

Just like the policy of taking children from their parents’ arms at the border and holding children in cages, this one is meant to have a practical impact, but it’s also meant to send a message. That message is this: We hate you and we don’t want you here, and if you come we will treat you with all the cruelty we can muster. If you support this president, that’s what you’ve signed on to.

That’s the bottom line of what is happening in America today. Trump’s senior policy adviser Miller is an avowed white nationalist. That’s the current “acceptable” term for racist.

But Trump is also driven by his “base,” the hardcore following that supports him, no matter what.

By doing so, this base reveals it is also racist and bigoted.

There’s an old political saying that “when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

Trump’s base, and anyone else who continues to support him and his vile policies and antics, will need “an ocean of calamine lotion” to ease the itching from the tsunami of fleas that covers their bodies.

Good riddance.  America deserves better.


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