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Friday, January 28, 2022

Is our president a decent person?

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Donald Trump gleefully ogles and photographs a Playboy model.

If folks can step back from the partisan bickering and political grandstanding, perhaps each can answer a basic question about our current president:

Is Donald Trump a decent person?

Does a decent person publicly brag about the adulterous affairs he has enjoyed in his sexually-charged life?

Does a decent person depend on his father to provide free rent for years to a doctor who provided a questionable diagnosis for a bone spur to avoid military service during the Vietnam war?

Would a decent person use fraudulent tax evasions to fatten his bank account and strip his father from his millions of collars?

Is the use of a foundation’s funds to pay for extravagant expenses for personal reasons a valid act of a decent person?

Would a decent person shell out more than a hundred thousand dollars in payments to a pornographic movie actress to keep her from talking about an affair that he claims never happened unless he had, in fact, engaged in such actions?

Does a decent person evade payments of small-business vendors who worked on his building projects and drag them through courts to try and stop valid payments owed for contractual services?

Does a decent person brag about assaulting women by “grabbing their pussies?

Does a decent person try to force his wife to pose nude for Playboy magazine?

Does a decent person sexually assault his underage daughter?

Does a decent person rape a child, a wife or a business associate?

The list above is only part of the many documented items that dominate the perverted and corrupt life of the current president of the United States.

Trump, sadly, is not alone among American presidents with questionable values.  Bill Clinton turned the Oval Office of the White House into his personal sexual playpen.  John F. Kennedy took the virginity of a young woman on the First Lady’s bed in the White House, among other sexual liaisons.  Congress also has sexual perverts who screw women as often as they screw the country.

How much of this does America have to endure before someone says “enough” and demands at least a modicum of decency and civility in our elected leaders?

The bottom line is that Donald John Trump is a sick, demented, perverted man who preys on many victims and gets away with it.

Yet he is endorsed by evangelical preachers who claim to place “morality” and “values” as important necessities for public leaders.

Why?  Is his claimed support on issues like an outright ban on abortions enough to overlook his long list of transgressions?

Perhaps, many of the people who support and vote for him just as sleazy and perverted as he.  Is his base a seething collection of racists, bigots, haters, sexual molesters, liars, crooks and thieves?

That thought staggers the mind.

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9 thoughts on “Is our president a decent person?”

  1. George HERBERT Walker Bush, Mr. Madison. The first Bush president, not the second.

    The first (First!) Iraq war was about kicking them out of Kuwait, and we did. I’m not entirely sure that was a good idea (Kuwait is hardly democratic) but it does go to show that the USA does take a dim view of other countries casually driving tanks into other countries.


    • Maybe, just maybe we could learn a lesson in not casually driving tanks into other countries. Not to mention casually flying over other countries and dropping bombs or casually launching missiles. I’m trying to remember if there was a diplomatic snafu regarding Saddam’s decision to invade Kuwait. Like he was told the US wouldn’t care one way or another. But, taking the Republican approach, I’m too lazy to do any research on that point.

  2. (Actually, after sleeping on it, it has occurred to me that the Presidency of George H.W. Bush wasn’t quite the dumpster fire the rest of them have been. Yeah, he started a war – but he knew how to end it. Yeah, deficits still skyrocketed – but that’s sorta par for Republican. And he knew when enough was enough, and went about getting some more government income by raising taxes, and even during the Reagan election accurately described the Laffer curve as ‘voodoo economics’. And the electorate threw him out for it. I don’t like much of anything he did – I consider him evil – but one thing he wasn’t was dumb. O well…)


    Btw, I keep clicking on ‘reply’ underneath previous messages, but your comment software keeps sticking my remarks as if they stood on their own. I imagine a moderator can rearrange them appropriately, but I don’t know why the software doesn’t work for me.

    • I don’t quite remember W. Bush’s Iraq invasion/war as you do. I somehow remember the constant discussion that “there was no exit strategy.” Not to mention that Iraqi oil was going to pay for the war. Also, W/Cheney started the war on lies. No WMD’s were found.

  3. “How much of this does America have to endure before someone says “enough” and demands at least a modicum of decency and civility in our elected leaders?”

    About 232 years. Then we elected Barack H. Obama (twice). Unfortunately, an awful lot of white people still loathe the idea that a black person is a person equal to and perhaps better than themselves, and drove themselves ferociously to undermine his presidency, overturn everything he did mostly because ‘a black person did that’, and threw themselves into a reactionary fervor, all in the name of making America [white] again.

    Remember having a President who was actually somewhat Presidential? Jon

    • The southern states are still trying to reimplement Jim Crow. I firmly believe that this is the dumbing down of America since Reagan. The rw propaganda machine encourages such behavior with our potus leading the way. Publicly. With Cadet Bone Spurs as president, now every Repub candidate who’s a good ole’ boy will always be nominated. Why does it seem that every Republican president has been a fucking fiasco since Eisenhower?

  4. Come on Doug. I hate Trump almost as much as you do, but I don’t think there’s any indication that he sexually assaulted his daughter. Unless you know something the rest of us don’t know.

    • I’m reporting, not assuming. We have cases of rape charged by an underage girl, a father who allows a shock jock to call his daughter a “piece of ass,” then says “sex” in an interview when asked what he and his daughter had in common. The photos show a disturbing range of intimate touching and documentarian Michael Moore raised the issue without a single denial by Trump. The record documents an extremely disturbed and perverted mind. The issue is hanging out there, like a dark cloud, and it is not going away. For the record, I don’t “hate” Trump. I despise what he is doing to the country that I love. Hate is not an emotion that exists in my psyche.

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