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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Melania Trump’s attire on the 4th of July

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Melania Trump: Showing her assets on the 4th of July.

Melania Trump returned to her roots as a nude model on the 4th of July, wearing a white dress that prominently displayed her “assets” for those who wanted to see what she really is.

The first lady on display is not unusual from the woman who came to the United States to display her naked breasts and the rest of her body to anyone with a camera who was willing to pay.

She even posed suggestively for a fully nude photo shoot on Donald Trump’s private plane.

She posed in handcuffs and a chrome pistol for the British edition of GQ magazine 19 years ago when she was still Melania Knauss and one of Trump’s girlfriends and bedmates.

“Given that she was obviously so keen to be featured in GQ, we came up with a rather kitsch and camp story for her to feature in,” said GQ Editor Dylan Jones.

Jones said Trump wanted all of the photos sent to him for framing.

“We framed the cover and a selection of prints and sent them as soon as we could,” he added.

At Trump’s insistence, the CQ cover shoot was called one of Melania’s “greatest achievements” on the White House website.  That claim has since been removed.

Trump has a long, sordid history of pimping out his girlfriends and wives for nude photo shoots.  He negotiated personally with Playboy magazine for nude photos of then-wife Marla Maples and insisted on choosing the photos personally.

But nudity is a family affair in the Trump family.  First daughter Ivanka displayed her surgically enhanced charms in her brief modeling career.

Trump even bragged about his daughter’s sex appeal on Howard Stern’s radio show.

When Stern referred to Ivanka as a great “piece of ass,” Trump laughed and agreed.

The Republicans quashed questions about Melania’s nude modeling career after it appeared her first paid naked photo shoot came before she had a valid work visa.

Doing so would have caused denial of her citizenship application but that, like so many other things that happen with Trump, got swept under the rug.  So were questions about the expedited citizenship of her parents.

It appears Trump’s wife may be one of the “illegal immigrants” he rants and raves about in his campaign.

That could be the real “naked truth” about Trump and his nude model wife.

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  1. It’s rather obvious that “what she really is” is a women, and women’s breasts have nipples. So the fact that she has nipples is not really news. Everything else in the article is worth printing. I find her dubious claims about education a lot more interesting than her normal anatomy.

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