If anyone ever had hope that an Obama-Clinton dream team would be a ticket to ride to easily victory in November, the glaring proof that she’s imagined Obama dying of an assassin’s bullet should wake us from that dream turned mightmare forthwith. Without a Sirhan Sirhan wannabe making her the nominee, you can’t have a vice president having an unconscious fantasy about a clone of Lee Harvey Oswald making her president.

Some of the mainstream media reporters are calling Hillary’s damage control statement an apology, but thank goodness for the Internet and cable news where sensible people are saying that if anything her so-called apology was so insincere it was almost worse than her original remark.

Obama, showing true class, isn’t voicing public outrage, but I can’t imagine him ever considering her as a running mate after this.

Michelle, who risks losing not only a president but a husband, might remind him how Hillary is likely to convince a few unhinged sharp-shooting white Appalachian males to vote Democratic.

The Secret Service has a difficult enough job as it is without investigating more psychotics who think they’d be doing Hillary a huge favor if they personally made her president.

I was going to write this column about how John McCain’s inner meanness and a certain tendency to have loose lips was starting to show with his recent statements about Obama never being in the military, his bringing up Reverend Wright again, and his delight in mocking of Obama’s youth.

But this makes McCain look merely like an eccentric sharp-tongued elderly uncle.

I and others have called the heart of Hillary cold and calculating, but how is that consistent with these remarks being accidental?

Before someone comments that I am suggesting Hillary wants to become president so badly that she’s consciously wishing for Obama’s death, I want to be clear that I am writing as a psychotherapist who believes in the unconscious. I believe that some references and slips of the tongue are representative of unconscious wishes too unaccepatble to reach one’s conscious awareness.

I don’t condemn Hillary for having this unconscious fantasy. She’s human. You may have the unconscious wish that your beloved wealthy aunt dies and leaves you a fortune but that doesn’t mean you want it to happen.

I do condemn her for her lack of self-awareness, insight, empathy, and genuine remorse, in her so-called apology:

“I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire
nation, and particularly for the Kennedy family was in any way
offensive. I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever.”

She regrets IF her reference was in any way offensive? Also, let’s not forget that she made the same reference in a Time Magazine interview published on March 6th. (Here)

This, in my book, is not a sincere apology for suggesting that one reason for staying in the race is that her opponent might be assassinated.

Afterthought: She also never mentioned Barack Obama, focusing her non-apology on the Kennedy family. Yet what she was talking about was the possible assassination of Barack Obama. The comment wasn’t really about Robert Kennedy. It was about Obama! Why no apology to him and his wife and especially to his children who are old enough to ask:

"Daddy, is it true Senator Clinton is still running against you because she thinks you might get killed?"

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