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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Warning to Trump: Your reign of terror is coming to an end

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Donald Trump: Shouting lies and revealing his insanity.

Beleaguered president Donald Trump claims the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller “totally exonerate” him of suspected criminal activity in the White House.

As might be expected the most distasteful, corrupt, twisted and immoral leader this country has ever suffered, that claim is just another lie from a pathological liar who, sadly, occupies the White House.

I way that as someone who once worked as a political operative for the party of Trump, a party disgraced beyond repair by a the crook it accepts as its leader.

For a dozen years (1981-93), I “served” (a questionable action to be sure) the GOP in various functions to run Congressional offices as a chief of staff, promote their actions as a press secretary, provide political strategy for elections and worked for two GOP presidents (Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush) before topping that questionable list by running the nation’s largest political action committee (as division vice president for the National Association of Realtors).

I had come to Washington in 1981 to become press secretary to Republican Rep. Paul Findley of Illinois.  By 1983, I was chief of staff for GOP Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana.  I had left what I thought was an “honorable profession” as a newspaperman of 17 years — first for The Roanoke Times in Virginia and later The Telegraph of Alton, Illinois in the St. Louis metro area.

Originally, i called the trip to the nation’s capital a “sabbatical” to help me understand more about how Washington worked so I could take that knowledge back to newspapers to make me a better reporter.  “Two years or so,”I promised, “and then I go back to the real world.”

Instead, the unreal world of politics and Washington gave me a sordid education on how power and money corrupts and corrupts absolutely.  Returning to the journalistic world would require taking the first top towards sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous and a determination to report truth rather than support the perjury of politics in the governing of America.

In less than two months, I hope to celebrate 25 years of sobriety and re-energize a commitment to expose the desecration of America by con artists like Donald John Trump.

Consider what the America of Trump has become:  A place where hate replaces hope, where racism destroys reason and lies displace learning.

Trump tweets lies and distortion in a hateful attack on a Muslim member of Congress and his hate-driven cult of followers cheer.  Fact checkers, a growth industry in the age of Trump, find a president who lies publicly more than 15 times a day.

He hides his tax returns — a first for a modern president — because he knows that they will show he lies about his claimed net worth and they will show his money comes from questionable sources.

His is a racist who praises white supremacists and encourages violence against those who support tolerance and compassion.

Enough.  As a newspaperman who learned, the hard way, how the corruption of power consumes us, I say it is time to declare war on the likes of Trump, his party of political corruption and the culture that spawned and supports him.

On this day after many Americans found — sadly — that Trump’s promised “tax cuts” did not help most of them but instead left them in an even deeper financial hole, it is past time to drive this demonic son-of-a-bitch from office by legal — but harsh if necessary — means,

Get ready, your bloated bastard.  Justice is coming.


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