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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Time for Democrats to regroup & refocus

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Robert Mueller’s special counsel final report decided neither Donald Trump or his campaign “colluded” or “conspired” with Russia to influence the 2016 election, which Trump won in a stunning upset.

He left the question on whether or not Trump obstructed justice open, saying it would be up to someone like Attorney General William Barr to pursue any further investigation.

Barr is ruling out any future investigations into obstruction by the Department of justice.

Democrats say they plan to push investigations, using the party’s control of the House of Representatives.

Bad idea.  The Democrats should back off and let the New York Attorney General continue to probe Trump’s business dealings, his now defunct foundation and questionable expenditures in the inauguration.

Suggestions for the Democrats:

  • Forget chasing Trump with investigations;
  • Concentrate on advancing legislation;
  • Find a good, moderate candidate to nominate and then help him or her convince the voters to dump Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

To win in 2020, Democrats need to concentrate on key districts that control the Electoral College process.  That approach should allow that process to match what the voters want.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 by three million votes — the largest winning count in any election where the electoral college voted the other way.

To get the electoral vote match the popular vote, Democrats should concentrate on key suburban districts in key states

And they need a good candidate, which Clinton was not.  She too often looked tired and said asinine things like calling Trump supporters “deplorable,” which caused swing voters to turn against her.

Writes former Republican Rep. Joe Scarborough:

So, yes, Democrats, Attorney General William P. Barr’s letter to Congress may have ruined your weekend. But if you focus on the present needs of American voters, instead of the past misdeeds of Russian actors, you just may keep this unfit commander in chief from serving another four long years. That would make the shock of this weekend a harmless, distant memory.

Adds George Will:

Robert S. Mueller III’s report is a gift to the nation, which now knows what was already a reasonable surmise: that its chief executive’s unlovely admiration for a repulsive foreign regime, Vladimir Putin’s, is more a dereliction of taste and judgment than evidence that he is under that regime’s sway. The report is an even larger gift to the nation because it might help stabilize the Democratic Party — if the party reacts more reasonably to it than most of the party’s most conspicuous presidential candidates have been reacting to the political stimuli of 2019. What Mueller’s report makes possible is something like a normal presidential election in 2020.

Combining a good, moderate candidate with an aggressive legislative program can persuade enough voters  — both actual and electoral college ones — to send Trump packing and, in the process, make it easier for prosecutors to put him where he belongs — in jail.


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2 thoughts on “Time for Democrats to regroup & refocus”

  1. I think Democrats have to be extremely careful and avoid the perception that it is all “sour grapes” when they use their power in the House to investigate Trump and associates. However, they would be remiss in their duty to let things slide just because of this perception. They have a duty to exercise their authority of oversight. They just need to assure that they are highly selective in the investigations they open. I lean against their relitigating the Russia issue unless damning evidence of obstruction comes to light when they read the entire Mueller report. It already appears tha Mueller couldn’t find any indicable evidence of conspiracy involving anyone beside those we already knew about.

    We are lucky indeed that New York, both city and state, have jurisdiction over many of the likely Trump illegalities still within the 10 year statute of limitations (bank, real estate, tax fraud for example) that won’t touch on double jeopardy. New York is firmly in Democratic hands. Both NY State AG Letitia “Tish” James and NYC District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. have indicated an interest in looking into illegal activities that might have been committed by Trump and his various enterprises. For all we know grand juries have already been convened. There is is little the Justice Department under William Barr can to to stop their investigations. Barr’s role asAG my not even allow him to be the one to claim executive privilege. That may be left to Trump’s White House counsel Don McGahn and his personal attorney, Rudi Giuliani. They probably attempt to impede New York attempts to access evidence them using the excuse of executive privilege.

    It is likely that New York attorneys have and are anticipating this. You are welcome to sing along: if they can break Trump anywhere, they can break him in New York, New York, it’s a wonderful state.”

    Hal Brown

  2. Good suggestions for the Democrats, Doug. I’m doubting they’ll let go their level of “get even”, though. In that they and the Republicans are two peas in a pod.

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