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Saturday, January 22, 2022

News enough to give me vertigo: I already have it.

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I am sitting here trying to keep my head on straight, literally. I’m wearing one of those airplane neck pillows to keep my head aligned with my shoulders. If I twist my head too quickly the room starts to spin. The laptop screen whirls around like a like it’s on a carousel.

In point of fact, I suffered a severe vertigo attack a few nights ago and wound up on the floor while the room spun around blurring everything.

I didn’t have anything to write about here in particular but by 7 PM the news of the day would have been enough to give anyone psycholgical vertigo, even if in their inner earsand the tiny calcium  particles (canaliths) stayed put.

I started the day posting on my little blog while watching the travesty of the Matthew “I see that your 5 minutes is up” Whitaker hearing.

First, because of my interest in Trump’s dangerouly deteriorating mental condition I posted

Yale psychiatrist: Trump is increasingly divorced from reality and scrambling to prevent an emotional collapse

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment test (mentioned in the article and shown above) is readily available online so Trump easily could practice taking it in advance. Of course Dr. Bandy Lee, interviewed in the article, is correct that a complete neuropsychological assessment requires a battery of tests. They should be administered and interpreted by experts, often clinical psychologists, behavioral neurologists, or psychiatrists who specialize in this, not a family doctor.

Then there was the New York Times OpEd with the great cartoon: (read without a subscription)


  • Being sane, we understand why the prospect of Mr. Trump’s being forced to resign or face impeachment and conviction before the end of his term is unlikely. His losing a renomination fight seems only slightly more likely.

  • Meanwhile, chaos is consuming the Trump administration. The president, cowed by his base, engineered a very unpopular government shutdown for which most people held him (and his party) responsible.

  • It (the GOP) has allowed itself to be hijacked by a reality television star who is a pathological liar, emotionally unsteady and accountable only to himself.

  • The incontestability of his psychological defects and character flaws has finally sunk in. What remains to be done is for Republicans to prevent what many of them privately know is quite likely for their party if Mr. Trump remains their leader: a crash landing.

  • Of course, Mr. Trump’s exit is a long shot. In democracies, sick political parties usually need years in the wilderness before they can heal.

Next: Trump’s Twitter feed tells you everything you need to know about the state of our union – WaPo

“Excerpt: If you wanted to understand the actual state of our union, the last place to look was in Trump’s rhetorical dud. Teleprompters, boilerplate blah-blah-blah and the limp language of Stephen Miller don’t tell you much about where we are at as a country.
If you want to understand what really moves Trump, there’s an easy way to do it: Just look at his Twitter feed. His tweets provide an unfiltered window into what he actually cares about. They show a man who cares about himself but cares little for others. They show a man who whines about every injustice done to him but remains silent about the injustices he inflicts on others. And they show all this with mathematical precision, because it’s easy enough to simply count up how often he tweets about any given subject. And when you analyze the 280-character outbursts on his feed, the results are as damning as they are objective
First, there’s the narcissism. With Trump, it’s all about him, all the time. Since taking office, Trump has tweeted 51 times about “ratings,” be it his TV ratings for his inauguration, his approval ratings, or the “Fox & Friends” ratings. He’s boasted about his “crowds” on Twitter 44 times.

However, thanks to Duty to Warn clincial psychologist Dr. John Gartner we knew all about this two years ago. Here’s a chapter from his book.

Next there’s this story about Trump’s criminal enterprises which a I file here:


The new subpoena shows prosecutors are currently investigating Trump and his associates for possible conspiracy against the United States, false statements, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and violations of campaign finance and inaugural committee laws, (Former U.S. Attorney Barbara) McQuade said.

The breadth and scope of the alleged crimes could bring into play the RICO statute, which was passed in 1970 to prosecute organized mob bosses for crimes committed by their underlings.

It came as a relief that a Republican was also in trouble in Virgina

Virginia State Senator Tommy Norment Edited Yearbook With Blackface, Slurs

but before long adding to the Democratic Party shitstorm in Virginia this story came out:

Second woman accuses Democratic Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault

A Maryland woman said Friday she was raped by Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) in a “premeditated and aggressive” assault in 2000, while they both were undergraduate students at Duke University. She is the second woman this week to make an accusation of sexual assault.

The woman, Meredith Watson, said Friday in a written statement through her attorney that she shared her account immediately after it happened with several classmates and friends. Watson did not speak publicly Friday and her lawyer did not make her available for an interview.

Fairfax denied the allegations forcefully.

Well, the good news for me here in Portland, Oregon is that even though I’ll be stuck at home walking around the house with a cane, the forecast is for a rare snowstorm. Portlanders hate the snow, but displaced New Englanders like me can’t wait to see the landscaped transformed into a winter wonderland.



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