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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Trump continues to sink in a tsunami of lies

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The destructive illusion of Donald Trump’s presidency is running short of time as his lies, exaggerations and disproven claims drive him deeper and deeper into the toxic swamp of his life and con jobs.

Eugene Robinson, writing in The Washington Post, summed up the massive collection of lies that define Trump:

Trump has been walking a tightrope of lies all his adult life, and now he is teetering. He has inflated his wealth. He has aggrandized his business acumen. He has managed to convince supporters that he is a respected businessman who brilliantly commanded a vast real estate empire. In a fanciful 2015 statement of his net worth, he claimed that his brand alone — just the name Trump — was worth $3 billion.

In reality, Trump has never come anywhere near the top rank of New York real estate developers. He ran not a huge, sprawling enterprise but a small family firm in which he and his children had direct control. He was seen as so unreliable that genuine moguls refused to have anything to do with him. When he tried to go big — risking everything on casino development in Atlantic City — he failed miserably despite his father’s efforts to bail him out. His bankers were left holding the bag, and now most major financial institutions won’t lend the Trump Organization a dime. It was Trump’s undeniable skill as a television performer on “The Apprentice” that saved him from total ruin.

Over at The New York Times, Paul Krugman offers more insight into the sad reality of Trump:

Trump’s foreign policy has, however, made a break, not just with previous Republican practice, but with everything America used to stand for. Previous presidents may have made realpolitik accommodations with unsavory regimes, but we’ve never seen anything like Trump’s obvious preference for brutal despots over democratic allies, his willingness to make excuses for whatever people like Vladimir Putin or Mohammed bin Salman do, up to and including murder.

Some of this may reflect personal values: Putin, bin Salman and other strongmen are just Trump’s kind of people. But it’s hard to escape the suspicion that Moola — financial payoffs to Trump personally via the Trump Organization — plays an important role. After all, unlike leaders of democracies, dictators and absolute monarchs can direct lots of cash to Trump properties and offer the Trump family investment opportunities without having to explain their actions to pesky elected representatives.

None of this matters, of course, to the Trump faithful a small and shrinking group of hardcore conservatives, racists, misogynists and haters who are willing to swap morality for a change to eliminate abortion and sell out America for excess.

Religious leaders sold out those who believe in real faith to embrace Trump.

Writes Randall Balmer of The Guardian:

The religious right’s wholesale embrace of the Republican party and of Donald J Trump, both as candidate and as president, has necessitated a rewriting of evangelical ethics.

That rewriting brings so-called “mean of God” into Trump’s world of lies, vulgarity, immorality and solid support of hate for those seeking a better life in America.

Notes John Fea in USA Today:

For the last year I have been thinking deeply about why so many of my fellow evangelical Christians support Donald Trump.

I have wondered why they backed his zero-tolerance immigration plan that separated families at the border. I have tried to make sense of why some of them give him a “mulligan” (to use Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ now famous phrase) for his alleged adulterous affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Why did so many evangelicals remain silent, or offer tepid and qualified responses, when Trump equated white supremacists and their opponents in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer?

What kind of power does Trump hold over men and women who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ?  If this is evangelicalism — I am out.

Those who support Trump contribute to his manic efforts to destroy America and the foundations of a democratic republic that has surged for more than 100 years.

When they embrace his lies, they join his immoral, illegal and hateful actions.

Like him, they become enemies of America.


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2 thoughts on “Trump continues to sink in a tsunami of lies”

  1. “When they embrace his lies, they join his immoral, illegal and hateful actions.

    Like him, they become enemies of America.”

    That is so frightfully true Doug!

    Remember Trump said; “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

    I believe that to be the absolute truth.

  2. “What kind of power does Trump hold over men and women who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ? If this is evangelicalism …”

    I think you have your answer right there. “claim to be followers”. What they say they are is not necessarily what they actually are – not unlike Mr. Trump.

    An aphorism I’m fond of is “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing around in a parking structure makes you a car”.

    Many indeed seem to be in it for wealth and power. Not unlike Mr. Trump. Priesthoods and their pals have been doing exactly that for at least five thousand years, “In The Name Of [some] God [or other]”. See the pyramids of Egypt, the Crusades, the Vatican, and how many modern televangelists got caught with their ‘flock”s money or body parts where they shouldn’t have been.

    The real marvel is that otherwise outwardly intelligent-seeming human beings put up with it – and have, for five thousand years.


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