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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Trump turns red in HiDef after Cohen plea

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No doubt Trump has the same top of the line HiDef television most viewers now have. I wonder if he’ll look at the videos on him responding to questions from the press on the White House lawn prior to boarding Marine One to start his trip to the G-20.

Does Trump know that the televisions most Americans now have are unmerciful in showing every pore, frownline, and wrinkle on the faces of everyone who goes in front of the camera. No amount of makeup can hide it when Trump’s face turns red as he is barely able to contain his rage as he continues to justify himself and attack Michael Cohen.

I have never seen Trump appear this angry. As he speaks his becomes more and more irrational and agitated. He flails his arms around. Thanks to HiDef TV you can she how his face gets redder and redder.

He must have had quite a morning what with the breaking news that Michael Cohen laid bare the lie that Trump repeatedly stated that he had no business dealings in Russia during the campaign. Because the news broke just before he faced the reporters we see Trump reacting without having had much time to rehearse his answers.

Now Trump is desperately backpedaling saying that his trying to plan a Trump tower in Moscow was all a legitimate way to earn money in case he lost the election.  Unfortunately for Trump, the media has the tale of the tapes and the Tweets in which he denied any involvement with Russia during the campaign.

Watch the video as Trump lapses into defensive gibberish where he repeatedly implicates himself for his lies about not having anything to do with Russia during the campaign and says that even if he did, there would be nothing wrong with that.

Trump never looks at himself and his behavior with his eyes wide open. To himself he can do no wrong and self-criticism is unknown to him.

World leaders, on the other hand, do watch Trump without deluding themselves. By the time he arrives in Argentina they may well be wondering how seriously they can take this president and how long he will be in power.

Trump is about to board Air Force One to meet with other heads of state at the G20 summit as the former leader of the free world.1 Excuse the cliché, but what could go wrong?


  1. Originally I wrote that Trump is ostensibly the leader of the free world. Then I asked Siri “who is the leader of the free world and came up with a few references.

Trump is no longer leader of the free world – CNN Opinion

Who is leader of the free world – The Hill

The original title of this Bloomberg article was Trump Has Abdicated as Leader of the Free World

Update – as this became the story of the day, at least on MSNBC. A friend who monitors Fox News for me says it is barely being covered there.

Update: According to Politico “Administration officials have touted a Saturday dinner with (China’s president) Xi, casting it as a make-or-break moment for the U.S.-China trade relations. Though senior aides have downplayed the prospect of a major breakthrough at the meeting, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that U.S. and Chinese officials are weighing a deal in which Trump holds off on imposing additional tariffs while the two nations continue trade negotiations.”

By the time they sit down no doubt President Xi will have seen Trump’s unhinged rant about Michael Cohen and had his Trump experts explain what it means as far as his position to negotiate with a domestically beseigned president.

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