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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Trump’s presidency crumbles as he falls apart

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Donald John Trump’s presidency and the party he has mostly destroyed are cracking at the seams.

His presidency is in more turmoil than his orange hair in a rainstorm.

Writes Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post:

In sum, we should continue to tally Trump’s constitutional offenses just as we keep a running count of his lies. However, these offenses are part of a bigger picture of a failing president and a party incapable of breaking with him. Trump is cracking up, as is the GOP.

He returned from Paris this weekend after a humiliating failure to represent any positive points of America or his failed leadership, holing up in the U.S. Ambassador’s residence after refusing to venture out on a rainy day.

As he so often spends his days in the White House, Trump watched TV and tweeted out a new round of insults to the many things that displease him.

The White House cited “logistical difficulties caused by the weather” as the reason Trump cancelled a trip to the memorial at Belleau, where 2,000 Marines died a century ago in World War I.

A day later, other world leaders marched down the Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe to recognize the Armistice that ended that World ar but Trump hid in his motorcade, hiding dry behind the armor of his limousine.

Trump scrapped the trip to Belleau because the weather was too frightful for a helicopter flight while other world leaders took their motorcades for the hour’s drive.  Yet the same president bragged earlier that he has ordered his pilots to fly him to a campaign rally in what they felt was dangerous weather.

Notes Post columnist Dana Milbank:

Consider the international disgrace the United States would have suffered if his hair were to have become matted by rain without adequate measures to protect it. Or if wind gusts had whipped his mane into an orange tornado swirling above a sparse white scalp. A soaking could have been calamitous.

Adds Milbank:

Such shrewd strategic thinking has been Trump’s hallmark since high school at New York Military Academy, where he received “more training militarily” than many get in the actual military. Bone spurs sadly kept him from Vietnam, but he said that avoiding STDs was “my personal Vietnam” and that he was “a great and very brave soldier” in this cause.

French President Emmanuel Macron, noting Trump’s declaration of “Nationalism” for America, said “nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.”  Trump got the message and left before the others nations began their “Peace Forum.”  He wasn’t welcome.

Trump returns to an America where more and more voters in the midterm elections last week declared he and his apocalyptic ideas are not welcome here either.

An overwhelming majority of voters cast their ballots for Democratic candidate after Trump declared the races a “referendum” on his presidency.

If so, the referendum showed more and more voters preferred anyone that Trump didn’t like or support.  Such voters gave Kyrsten Sinema Arizona’s first Democratic Senate seat in 30 years and a growing majority in the House as late results from out West continue to come in.

Trump’s support for GOP candidates hurt more than he helped.  Nevada’s Dean Heller and Montana’s Matt Rosendale — two heavily supported by the president — lost.  Democrats picked up governorships and state legislative seats.

Scott Walker, once a rising star in GOP politics as governor of Wisconsin, went down.  Trump promoted him big time along with Leah Vukmir for Senate.  She lost too.

Nationwide, Democratic candidates beat Republicans at the polls by more than 15 percent and the party won more House seats in any midterm election since 1974 — more than 40 years ago.

By the way, the midterms in 1974 came after the resignation of president Richard Nixon in the wake of Watergate.


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2 thoughts on “Trump’s presidency crumbles as he falls apart”

  1. I agree , the Dems are ever feckless if nothing else, and will somehow find a way to step all over this newfound mid-term Viagra Boner..

  2. A bit early for your prediction aren’t you Doug? Cadet Bone Spurs is too damn stupid to realize his presidency or his party are “falling apart.” The Republican party puts a lot of faith in their propaganda machine, and it’s still working for a large percentage of voters. As far as Constitutional violations are concerned, there is absolutely nobody in DC who will or can do anything, or if they are, it’s so behind the scenes that the msm hasn’t reported it. The fact that the Dems picked up so many seats are the result of the individual candidates, not that the DNCC had a unified message from the top down. Who knows? Maybe somebody might come up with one for 2020. But even if they did, they wouldn’t know how to have a unified delivery.

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