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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Trump volunteer blocked photojournalist’s camera

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A volunteer member of the advance team for President Donald Trump blocks a camera as a photojournalist attempts to take a photo of a protester during a campaign rally at the Ford Center. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The White House Correspondents’ Association says a volunteer member of President Donald Trump’s advance team who blocked a photojournalist’s camera as he tried to take a photo of a protester during a campaign rally in Indiana has been taken off the road.

Olivier Knox, the association’s president, says Trump’s campaign told him the actions were those of an “inexperienced volunteer, who understands that he acted in error.” Knox says the campaign “promises that this will not happen again.”

A photo by Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci on Thursday in Evansville shows the volunteer stretching out his hand over the lens of a news photographer’s camera after a protester disrupted Trump’s rally.

Trump was campaigning for Republican Mike Braun, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in a closely watched matchup.


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2 thoughts on “Trump volunteer blocked photojournalist’s camera”

  1. So basically they are saying they cannot be bothered to adequately brief these people as to interactions like this before the event?

    • Volunteers are cheap. Training is expensive. Training also gets in the way of “plausible deniablilty”. Keep up a steady drumbeat of ‘all the media (except Fox) are evil’ and let the volunteers interpret it as they will. Then throw three off the bus, pick up four more, and off to the next show… J.

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