1. You might ask the American people about draft dodger and AWOL President George W. Bush vs. one decorated veteran John Kerry. J.

  2. “They also know that Trump is as outmatched by Mueller as the fox would be outmatched by a farmer with a 12 gauge.”

    But Trump is a genius, a very stable one at that. What chance does Mueller have against such a stable genius?

    Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is nothing more then a witch hunt.

    We know this to be true because Trump says so.

    Hey, I mean after all, geniuses don’t lie.

    Let’s get this Russia crap over with so genius Trump can continue his greatest presidency this country has ever known.

    Yes, he must be unburdened and free to remind us that he is the most intelligent stable president “of all time”.

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