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Monday, January 24, 2022

A bad day for Trump gives America new hope

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Another bad day for the collapsing presidency of corrupt Donald John Trump.

He lost an attempt to get a look at what is in the voluminous records seized by FBI agents last week in the raid on he home, office and hotel suite of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, who is probably hoping right now that all we will lose is his law license as the Justice Department closes in.

A court hearing into efforts by Cohen’s lawyers and Trump not only denied his attempts to keep the many secrets the documents may hold away from prosecutors, it also dumped another surprise onto a bombshell-weary public:  Cohen also gives legal advice and assistance to Fox News right-wing shill Sean Hannity, the apologist-at-large for anything Trump.

Trump also proved again that a steady course in the joke that is his foreign relations policy remains elusive as he switched positions on already planned new sanctions against Russia for its support of Syria’s chemical weapons attacks against civilians.

The president yanked the rug out from under U.S Ambassador Nikki Haley after she announced the new sanctions, putting them on hold, proving once again he cares more for his questionable relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin than he does for decency and support for human rights or the desires of Americans after polls show 73 percent support for increased punishments.

Trump’s attempts to deal with the Syrian chemical attacks comes when he is distracted by his increasing scandals and investigations on multiple fronts.

“I think it’s a huge minefield for Donald Trump and the Trump Organization,” trial attorney Joseph Cammarata, who represented Paula Jones in her sexual harassment suit against President Bill Clinton, told The Washington Post. “I think this is on its own track and this train is coming down the track with brute force.”

Seizure of the records of Cohen, comes now from special counsel but from the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney General’s Office in New York City, which has been investigating Cohen’s activities for months.

And there if former FBI Director James Comey, who is out on the stump, promoting his book about his run-ins with Trump, who fired him after he refused to put loyalty to a crooked president above the law of the land.

Comey, a career prosecutor, calls Trump “unfit for the presidency,” a label that polls show is supported by a growing number of Americans.

Trump, says Comey, is more like a Mafia boss than a national or world leader and is not even that good at the job.

Trump told Comey to lay off ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn who lost his job for lying to the FBI, among other things, and now faces charges that suggest actual treason against the United States.

Trump calls Flynn “a good man” who “needs a break.”

Instead, Flynn could be a star witness against Trump in the investigations of the president’s collusion with Russians, attempts to obstruct justice and other suspected crimes of high treason against America.

That’s the “break” that America needs.

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