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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Growing American anger against Trump’s tyranny

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Donald Trump won a surprise election as president in 2016 because he stroked the outrage of a voters who felt they had been ignored for too long in the American political landscape.

His win, however, sparked a new outrage over how easily he had manipulated the populace with lies, threats and promises no candidate for president can ever keep.

The outrage remains but now if focused primarily on him as he turns time and time again to failed sound bites that no longer ring true with an increasing block of Americans.

Trump tied to use the “rapists from Mexico” claim one time to many in West Virginia last week and it turned even the right-wing editorial page of the Wall Street Journal against him.

“If Mr. Trump is the main issue on Election Day in November, all the evidence now points to an electoral wipeout like Obama’s in 2010 — this time against Republicans,” the paper wrote.

Trump, who had purged any and all White House staff members who urge him to stay on message, supposedly went to West Virginia to promote the tax cuts passed at the end of last year — a signature issue that Republicans thought would help them win in the mid-term elections in November.

He scrapped that speech, telling the crowd it was “boring” and spoke off the cuff about “rapist” Mexican immigrants coming to America to deflower our young girls and said a caravan of women are descending on us in a “caravan” of immigrants who “are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before.”

Turns out the “caravan” is a creation of Fox News, the self-appointed promoter of “all things Trump.”  The misinformation became Trump’s attempt to create an enemy that can generate fear to generate anger that he hoped would help his support.

Instead, he continues to add to the increasing majority of voters who say they have had enough of the lying reality-show host and real estate con artist named Trump.

A Morning Consult poll from last week found 54 percent of registered voters now disapprove of Trump’s actions as president and most express “strong disapproval.”  Those opposing Trump continue to increase in numbers that keep Republican strategists up at night, wondering what — if anything — can stem the tide that wants to drive the party’s candidates from office.

Actions of those outraged by Trump now march in protests across America.  One if five Americans have joined protests and rallies against Trump since the beginning of 2016, says a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll released last Friday and an astounding 70 percent say they want Trump gone from office and are planning to vote for candidates who can change the face of Congress this November.

Trump’s former national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, angry over Trump’s adoration for Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin and praise for other dictators in the world, said in his exit from the White House:

It is time we expose those who glamorize and apologize in the service of communist, authoritarian and repressive governments. Revisionist and repressive powers are attempting to undermine our values, our institutions, and our way of life. We must be active. We cannot be passive and hope that others will defend our freedom.

Those who know McMaster best say he was talking about the current president: Donald John Trump.

Trump continues to deliver outrage but an angry populace is now using it against him and anyone who supports his tyrannical and antics that serve him and not America.

The real revolution has begun.

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2 thoughts on “Growing American anger against Trump’s tyranny”

  1. Even with a minority of Republicans in congress, it would take years to undo all of the damage Trump and his minions have done. Will the next Democratic controlled congress and WH have the balls and backbone to undo the privately run prisons, charter schools, the damage the EPA has done, working to privatize the VA, campaign finance reform, saving Social Security, healthcare for all, etc. etc? I fear for what’s left of the democracy we have. We’re already an oligarchy.

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