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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

White House is losing hope…Hope Hicks

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When Trump’s often amateurish campaign for president hired people with little or no political experience, some felt one of the most questionable one was former teen model Hope Hicks was long on looks and short on ability.

With her long hair and legs, she fit into Trump’s view of a “working woman.”  When she started a fling with married campaign manager Corey Lewandowski she seemed to fit right into the stereotype of a Trump operation.

Hicks ran pretty much of a one-woman communications shop and had Trump-preferred traits as always loyal and ready to lard on the compliments to feed his insufferable ego.

Hope Hicks: Living it up as White House Communications Director.

She followed Trump to the White House and was ready and waiting when Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci lasted only a few days and she became the interim, and later, permanent holder of the job.

She continued her fondness for married men, bedding down this time with White House staff secretary Rob Portman, who lost his when his habit of beating up his wives became news.

Hicks never said if Portman beat her — he may have reserved that for his wives, not his mistresses.   Hicks is also moving on, jumping ship, resigning from the White House one day after eight hours of grilling by the lawmakers on Capitol Hill, admitting she tells “little white lies” when Trump needs them but kept answers vague on White House matters.  Mostly, she refused to answer.

Hope Hicks in her teen modeling days. She was the “it girl.”

Did this have anything to do with her departure.  No, she says, she has been planning to leave “for weeks” and felt it was time to leave and pursue “non-governmental” activities.

Reports Maggie Haberman of The New York Times:

“She told colleagues that she had accomplished what she felt she could with a job that made her one of the most powerful people in Washington, and that there would never be a perfect moment to leave.”

Responded CNN:

Ahem. Cough. Throat clear. Nervous looking around. Collar tug. Cough.

At 29, Hicks is too old to resume her teen modeling year.  There are other married men who might like to party is a 29-year-old hot chick.

As the daughter of Paul Burton Hicks, CEO, Americas, of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Hicks did do some public relations work, first with the Zeno Group in New York City after she graduated from Southern Methodist University with a major in English.  Then she moved on to Hiltik Strategies after meeting the firm’s founder at a Super Bowl event. That led to contacts with Ivanaka Trump and she went to work for the Trump Organization in 2014, reporting directly to the man himself.  Trump recruited her for the campaign team and she followed him to the White House.

Hope Hicks (left) at the Trump Tower in 2017.

As Communications Director, Hicks had the office closest to the Oval and was the one with Trump’s ear on most issues.  She became known as the one staff member who could stand up to his diatribes and talk him into changing his mind on issues.

“Hope has a way with Trump that no one else could match,” says one aide.  “She would smile, even flirt with him and feed his ego and then tell him what he wanted to do with full of shit.  She got away with that time and time again.”

As the White House’s other two resident “models,” Hicks achieved more success in modeling than either Melania or Ivanka Trump and some thought she might be the leading candidate for Trump wife number four after he tires of Melania.

“Won’t happen,” says another aide.  “She’s too smart for that.”

Hicks joins a long list of now former members of Trump’s campaign organization or administration appointees but she leaves without being fired or forced to quit.

That could be her singular achievement at the Trump White House.


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  1. She got tired of sucking his 1 inch dick and fluffing his enormous EGO. On to bigger and better victims. Good luck to any man who gets hooked up with this shrew.

  2. Hope, Arizona has a sign on the road leading out of town saying “You are now Beyond Hope”. Just FYI…

    (It’s a small town not far from Wickenburg, WNW of Phoenix) J.

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