1. It is very clear now that Trump is a con-man, a traitor and a shameless liar. I think the GOP will go down with him when the time comes, as they only care about power and money and want to protect Traitor Trump for their political gains. Altogether, they will go to the trash bin of history when the American people can see their true faces.

  2. It’s obvious that the Repub “legislators” didn’t read their tax bill. I just read through it all. All 429 pages of it. It’s not pretty, and there’s something in it that’ll piss off somebody – if you’re not in the 1%. There’s even a section that no longer allows the tax credit for “expenditures to provide access to disabled individuals.” No, I’m not making it up. Page 255, Section 3407. This is today’s Republican party.

  3. One thing I think frequently overlooked about President D.J. Trump isn’t that he’s a con-man, it is that he’s a pretty good con-man.

    People who meet with him personally* report that he is very concerned with what concerns them and sincerely promises a great deal of action upon their behalf, and leaves them convinced that he will do what he says.

    It is, of course, all bullsh–, but it is very difficult to de-con someone who has been conned. They simply refuse to accept that they’ve been taken in (look up ‘cognitive dissonance’ sometime) and take all presentations of evidence along those lines as merely a vast conspiracy against them (or ‘fake news’).

    Some figure it out eventually. Some never will.


    * On reasonably level grounds. Those who would be underlings suffer through tyrannical rage over trivialities, which is, incidentally, another beautiful (yuuge!) indicator of a seriously manipulative personality. Ask anyone who’s escaped an abusive relationship. J.

    • Speaking of ISIS, it is fascinating how similar the bible thumpers down south are to the Koran thumpers of ISIS when it comes to children being used by adults for their own pleasure.

      • And those, Dale, who panic in fear about sharia law (as written down in some holy textbook) yet have no problem with biblical law (as written down in some holy textbook). I guess it’s all in which fiction you prefer. Star Trek over Star Wars for me… J.

        • @Jon I won’t fall for you jedi mind tricks.. there’s only one holy texbook from halls of the vulcan science academy which speaks of the coming singularity. 🙂

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