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Monday, December 6, 2021

Circus tent collapsing on Trump sideshow

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(Courtesy of The New York Daily News)

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s intensive investigation into the misuse of power by president Donald Trump reveals massive misuse of power, outright theft of public funds and not before seen levels of graft and corruption on a national scale, sources close to the investigation say.

“It is the oldest trick in the political playbook,” says a former justice department lawyer. “All Mueller has to do is ‘follow the money.’ ”

Interviews with dozens of political operatives, White House insiders and longtime Washington watchers show a president with the lowest public approval rating in history and a chaotic government that is out of control.

Close examinations of Trump’s bizarre tax returns provide what investigators call “an extensive roadmap” of money trails that raise serious questions about money laundering, public and private grafts and bribes and slight-of-hand fund transfers that have kept investigators busy in the probe that has already consumed millions of dollars by Mueller’s team of lawyers and investigators.

Trump, their investigations reveals, shows no regard for law, accepted standards of business or personal behavior or the rules that are supposed to govern a president and keep him in check by a government that is supposed to prevent his shenanigans.

Trump’s lawyers dismiss his actions with claims that a president cannot be charged with obstruction of justice or cannot be sued for his transgressions or hauled into court.  Constitutional lawyers scoff at such claims.

Mueller’s ever-widening investigations are expected to bring charges against Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, first son Donald Trump Jr. and possibly daughter Ivanka Trump for mixing government actions with moves to enrich the family real estate business and pay bills for Trump and his lavish lifestyle.

American taxpayers pay the tab for trips to foreign capitals for Donald Trump Jr. to make deals for hotels and other properties for the family business while Ivanka Trump promotes her fashion business in government events.  Kushner’s involvement in collusion with Russian governmental officials is expected to be a highlight of indictments against him with former White House strategic advisor Michael Flynn providing evidence directly to Mueller.

“The Donald Trump presidency is a real-life ‘House of Cards’ that will provide fodder for history and political science buffs for decades,” says one longtime Washington lawyer.

Those who know Trump say he is “coming apart at the seams” with his angry Twitter tantrums that provide even more ammunition for Mueller’s teams.  His claims that he, himself, decided to fire Flynn for lying about contacts with Russia shows more knowledge of the Russian role than he has admitted before and his tirades against the FBI and anyone who questions him deepen the hole he is digging for himself.

“He’s out of control,” says a former White House staff member who says he left on his own because “I finally had to accept Donald Trump for what he is:  A con artist.”

Public polls show continuing drops in support among even hard-core Trump supporters.  A growing number of those who expected him to be a “hero of the working class” now see his actions as “taking care of his rich buddies” while “screwing the rest of us.”

“He continues to play to a base that is shrinking,” a Republican pollster confides privately. “Our surveys show diminishing returns for those who have anything to do with our president.”

Yet Republicans continue to shrink away from publicly criticising Trump, even casting votes for a tax plan they didn’t read before approving and now finding anger back home from voters who are discovering what it does to them.

“When Trump crashes, the collateral damage should inflict mortal wounds on the GOP,” says a former party operative.  “Hell, it could wipe out the political system as we know it. That could be the real success story of Donald Trump.”


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7 thoughts on “Circus tent collapsing on Trump sideshow”

  1. It is very clear now that Trump is a con-man, a traitor and a shameless liar. I think the GOP will go down with him when the time comes, as they only care about power and money and want to protect Traitor Trump for their political gains. Altogether, they will go to the trash bin of history when the American people can see their true faces.

  2. It’s obvious that the Repub “legislators” didn’t read their tax bill. I just read through it all. All 429 pages of it. It’s not pretty, and there’s something in it that’ll piss off somebody – if you’re not in the 1%. There’s even a section that no longer allows the tax credit for “expenditures to provide access to disabled individuals.” No, I’m not making it up. Page 255, Section 3407. This is today’s Republican party.

  3. One thing I think frequently overlooked about President D.J. Trump isn’t that he’s a con-man, it is that he’s a pretty good con-man.

    People who meet with him personally* report that he is very concerned with what concerns them and sincerely promises a great deal of action upon their behalf, and leaves them convinced that he will do what he says.

    It is, of course, all bullsh–, but it is very difficult to de-con someone who has been conned. They simply refuse to accept that they’ve been taken in (look up ‘cognitive dissonance’ sometime) and take all presentations of evidence along those lines as merely a vast conspiracy against them (or ‘fake news’).

    Some figure it out eventually. Some never will.


    * On reasonably level grounds. Those who would be underlings suffer through tyrannical rage over trivialities, which is, incidentally, another beautiful (yuuge!) indicator of a seriously manipulative personality. Ask anyone who’s escaped an abusive relationship. J.

    • Speaking of ISIS, it is fascinating how similar the bible thumpers down south are to the Koran thumpers of ISIS when it comes to children being used by adults for their own pleasure.

      • And those, Dale, who panic in fear about sharia law (as written down in some holy textbook) yet have no problem with biblical law (as written down in some holy textbook). I guess it’s all in which fiction you prefer. Star Trek over Star Wars for me… J.

        • @Jon I won’t fall for you jedi mind tricks.. there’s only one holy texbook from halls of the vulcan science academy which speaks of the coming singularity. 🙂

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