Mickey Kantor, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and one of a cadre of advisors to Sen. Hillary Clinton in her uphill fight to become the Democratic Presidential nominee, claims he never involked the ultimate racial slur to describe voters in Indiana.

And he’s thretening to sue those who claim he did.

Kanton claims he is outraged by a YouTube video that features a clip from the 1993 documentary “The War Room” that may or may not have been altered to make it appear that he called voters in Indiana “white niggers.”

The video has been widely circulated. In it the words “white niggers” are audible. In the original film, the words were not understandable. Some say the audio was simply enhanced to make what Kantor said more audible. Others claim the soundtrack was dubbed.

In another part, however, Kantor does use the word “shit” to describe Indiana voters.

Writes Sam Stein in The Huffington Post.

A former aide to President Bill Clinton, and current informal adviser to Sen. Hillary Clinton, expressed outrage and shock on Friday after a videotape from 1992 surfaced allegedly showing him describing Indianans as “white n—rs.”

Mickey Kantor, who served as campaign chairman during Clinton’s 1992 run for the White House and says he has offered help and advice to Sen. Clinton, insisted that the tape was a fraud and that he was exploring legal steps against the individual who posted it online.

“I’ve never used that word in my entire life, ever, under any circumstance, ever,” an angry Kantor told The Huffington Post, citing his and his parent’s work fighting for civil rights. “I have listened to [the video] and so have you. You can’t tell what it is I’m saying in that second sentence, you can’t decipher that.”

Indeed, a review of the original copy of the 1993 film The War Room, from which the excerpt was taken (around the 4:40 mark) is virtually inaudible. The sound suggests, if anything, that instead of saying “How would you like to be a worthless white n****r?” Kantor says, “How would you like to be in the White House right now?”

The director of the film, moreover, says that Kantor never uttered those words. “He does not say that. He does not say that,” D.A. Pennebaker told Ben Smith.

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