1. Your obsessive and skewed version of how Trump is immune to sex scandals when there really are none, but continued attempts to believe there are, is reckless and hypocritical. He weighed in on Franken for Franken’s hypocrisy scolding us about what he did that is fact. He weighed in on Moore countless times, and his boasting about doing anything he wanted, was not in reference to the illegally taped bragging of groping incident. My response will only embolden your inaccuracies and your atttempts to have the guy from office you so despise. But in your creepy obsessive stories, you have given credence to to the hypocrisy of the liberal media as the polls show. Shame on you

    • What polls show that? You obviously get all your propaganda from the alternative reality created for you at FOX et al. Stay there TROLL. Oh and how’s the weather in Moscow today cold yet?

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