1. Typical attempt at False Equivalence: Franken;s joke that went bad is NOTHING like Trump’s or Moore’s vast history of molesting young women. Moore’s is especially bad because he was 30, abused teens, and threatened them with his position. Trump just walked into dressing rooms to see under-aged teens naked, although that one 13 year old claimed he raped her.

    Frankly, almost every man has experienced a kiss that turned out to be unwanted, a pass that fell flat, etc. What matters is if the man is abusing his position of power to try and coerce something.

  2. Senator Franken has apologized, it was accepted by woman, if no other accusers come forward it is now up to the constituents of Senator Franken.

    President Donald (Grab them by the p***y) Trump has no grounds to talk or even pass gas in this matter.

    Presidential impeachment is an option.

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