1. Let they who have never lusted after a teenager cast the first stones.

    However, there is a difference between thinking about it and acting upon it (a distinction Mr. Pence has managed to reach the Vice-Presidency without quite grasping (although I suppose he knows how to spell ‘potato’)).

    The act is the crime, in case you were wondering.


  2. An actual lawsuit would be hilarious: Maybe a dozen women by then getting up and testifying as to 30 year old Roy’s predation! A huge verdict in their favor…

    • I have a feeling that Moore’s threat to sue is like Trump’s. Not to mention that a lawsuit would keep his malfeasance in the press and public for as long as the procedures last. Hope it happens.

  3. Alabama voted for Trump, after all. Moore has nothing to worry about. He’ll be elected too. Dr. Goebbels would be soooooo proud!

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