1. Trumpf and his supporters couldn’t care less about the LAW. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking he’s just going to sit back and allow Mueller et. al. to carry this investigation to its inevitable conclusion. At some point he’s going to have one of his shills fire Mueller or in some other way hog tie him so his investigation just dies off before it ever files a report. Or, if he does file it by that juncture Sessions, Rosenstein and anyone else that might not do his bidding at the DOJ will be gone and the report will be buried for Nat’l Security reasons.

  2. In 99.9% of the case you’re correct. Yet Trump will all of the ill deeds he’s done or the last 50 years he’s had to answer for none and awarded the highest office in the land. He’s either the luckiest man alive or he made a pact with the devil. So even if they find iron clad proof of illegal activity I doubt the GOP lead congress will do anything to him. Even if they impeach him they won’t expel him so he’ll blow that off like it was nothing. Claim it a political hit job and he’ll move on. I hope I’m wrong but I just can’t watch.

  3. In front of a Grand Jury, there is no such thing as “a minor figure”. There is just sworn testimony which had better be the truth or people will go to jail for perjury. It’s always the “minor figures” who trip you up. When you go to testify, the Grand Jury has already heard their version, and yours better agree closely.

    Lies fall apart when they hear from multiple people. That’s why they always start with the “minor figures” and work their way up. By the time the top guys go to testify, the Grand Jury already knows the answer to every question asked.

    There’s an old saying: A good prosecutor never asks a question in court that he doesn’t already know the answer to. Mueller is a real pro. These Trump people are way way outgunned, and his supporters are delusional if they think he can do something to stop it.

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