1. Then question is not what to do about Moore. It’s what to do about the people who are supporting him. They are willing to seat a child molester in the Senate just to keep their power. And even if he dropped out and the Democrat won, the Republicans would STILL have a majority in the Senate!

    Some of these people need to go home and think about what they have done for about six years. Then they can surface, say: “I was wrong.” and we might think about forgiving them.

    • The people supporting Moore and Trump have been so thoroughly indoctrinated, it would take another generation to undo the last 30 years (since the Republican god, Ronald Reagan). Dr. Goebbels would be so proud of the rw propaganda machine in that 35% have become radical republicans and will stay that way come hell or high water.

  2. There would be hope for the Republican party if the Republican Leadership of the Senate were to refuse to validate and seat Roy Moore.

    Naaaaah, who am I trying to fool, they will seat him to the Republican Party’s damnation.

    • Look who our president is for god’s sake. The Republican party has embraced every type of nut job with the belief that it’ll help its survival. With 18th century initiatives. If Moore wins the election (and I expect that he will), the GOP will hold their noses privately and welcome him with open arms publically. Because they’re hypocrites.

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