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Sunday, November 28, 2021

New poll: Trump a ‘dismal failure’

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Donald Trump repeatedly demeans women with sexist language, rated them by the size of their breasts and talks about which ones he’d like to have sex with. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision)

With the first anniversary of his upset win for the Presidency fast approaching, Donald Trump’s record of failures, lies, unethical actions and illegal penchants leave him with a disapproval rating of 59 percent with less than four in ten Americans approving of the way he is handling the job.

As Trump heads towards the end of his first year in the White House, investigators close in on him, his family and his associates for widespread violations of ethics, conflicts-of-interest and financial irregularities laws.

The latest poll by the Washington Post-ABC News survey put Trump at the lowest point of approval of any president in history since the advent of polling more than 70 years ago.

No president since Harry S. Truman has hit a net negative — minus 22 points — which falls far below the net positive of 11 points — the previous low set by Bill Clinton at this point of his presidency.

“He is a dismal failure,” Trump voter Andrew Markson of Georgia tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “I expected far more but he has delivered far less.”

Turnout at Trump’s campaign-style rallies have dropped and vitriolic criticism of his actions, statements and lies dominate social media and other online discussion groups.

With the first indictments in from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian involvement in the 2016 election, reported collusion of Trump’s campaign team with Russia and irregularities of Trump’s operations and finances, the 45th president appears more and more like a man on the run.

Sources close to the Mueller investigation say the probe includes questionable and illegal actions not only by Trump, but also by daughter Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner, son Donald Trump Jr. and even First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump’s tax returns, which he promised to release but then ignored that promise along with many others, give investigators a “road map of questionable money laundering” along with “misuse of charitable funds” and other irregularities, sources report.

Trump, they say, openly violates federal conflict of interest laws by refusing to remove himself from ownership of hotels, golf resorts and other properties that take in millions of dollars in payments by the federal government for room stays, Presidential events and lavish spending by both domestic operations and foreign events.

“A president is not permitted to receive cash and other benefits from foreign governments,” says former White House special counsel Norm Eisen. “And yet, Donald Trump is getting a steady flow of them around the world and right here in the United States.”

Trump’s answer: “I have a no-conflict situation, because I’m president.” Trump cites federal conflicts-of-interests law that covers Cabinet secretaries but not the president.

Other documentation shows Slovenian-born First Lady Melania Trump earned money as a “nude model” without obtaining a valid work visa before getting her citizenship papers in 2005 supports claims she lied in that application, which could invalidate her claim to be a citizen.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press showed the future Mrs. Trump earned more than $20,000 while in the United States on a tourist visa, which prohibited working for money in the U.S.

When asked about the discrepancy during the 2016 election, Trump promised that his wife would “hold a press conference” to “clear up the questions.”  It never occurred.

“It highlights the hypocrisy of her husband, Donald Trump, demonizing undocumented immigrants as criminals and job-stealers” says New York attorney Raul Reyes.

Ivanka Trump, investigators have found, clearly used her position as a White House representative to hawk her clothing and jewelry business — a violation of federal and state laws.

Mueller’s investigation reportedly focuses on state laws which could short-circuit Trump’s plans to pardon himself, his family and White House associates because presidential pardons affect only federal convictions.

Crystal Osborne of Pennsylvania says she voted for Trump because she didn’t like Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I helped put a criminal in the White House,” she says now. “I am ashamed.”

In the newest poll, Americans with a negative assessment of Trump jumped from 51 percent in January to 70 percent today.  In January, 87 percent of Republicans expected him to get rid of Obamacare.  Now that expectation has dropped to 59 percent of GOP voters and 70 percent of all.

Support among independent voters dropped 17 points in the latest poll.

On race, fewer than three in 10 Americans feel he is dealing with race relations.  More than half now say Trump is biased against blacks and even more so biased against women.

Only 43 percent give Trump positive reviews of his dealing with terrorism.

Only one-third of Americans feel Trump is “honest and trustworthy” and 66 percent say he lacked the “temperament and personality” to be president.

And 59 percent say Trump is intentionally working to “make the federal health law fail” and less than 10 percent say they do not support those efforts.

“He is an inept and dishonest president,” says former Trump supporter Andrew Higgins of West Virginia.  “He is a failure and he must go before he destroys America.”


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  1. I’d like to meet one of these third of Americans who feel Trump is “honest and trustworthy”. Actually, who I’d really like to meet is their ganja dealer… J.

    • No you wouldn’t. You’d be looking at all of Trump’s dismal characteristics in any of his supporters, supreme willful ignorance being one of them.

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