1. On another note, I am still wondering why having children entitles you to a tax break. Children are burdens upon society, requiring education, support, policing, health care, and everything else, for at least eighteen years. Why should having children entitle you to a tax break? All you’re doing is making things worse.

    No, there is no desperate shortage of human beings that must be urgently corrected. Trust me on that one.


    • What you say may be true, to an extent. Something about preserving the species, or something. So if what you advocate on not having children, then you would agree that (in the Republican tax “reform” bill) all costs associated with adoption would no longer be deductible. Which has been included at this writing.

  2. When the Repubs say that our corporate tax rate is too high, it’s not taking into account all of the loopholes and deductions in corporate tax returns. They handily forget to mention that the “EFFECTIVE” tax rate is 17%.

    • Furthermore, American corporations don’t need a tax cut. They’re already highly profitable. They are not going to use the extra money to invest and grow, they’re going to use the extra money to pay themselves and their shareholders more than they already have.

      Remember the great ‘tax holiday’ that allowed corporations to bring back to the USA overseas untaxed profits at a cheap rate, that was supposed to ‘spur investment and create jobs’? It didn’t. It got pissed away as executive bonuses and share buybacks.

      Trickle-down, and supply-side, economic “theories” aren’t. All they are is a way of trying to sound scientific about letting the already rich get a lot richer. They are the Ponzi schemes of economics, and that’s saying that knowing the rest of economic “theory”.

      They are not theories. They were hypotheses, and have been proven wrong. They belong in the same bin as phrenology and phlogiston.


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