1. There is no evidence that cutting taxes actually spurs the economy.
    Trickle-down economics is nonsense akin to homeopathy.
    They’re fiction!

    But some will believe anything. See: Scientology.


    • There hasn’t been any proof that cutting taxes for the “job creators” has ever worked. And it all started with the Reagan Administration. But the GOP has been shoving this scenario down their gullible supporter’s throats ever since then. The conservative movement has been on the wrong side of history since our Revolution when they were called Tories and sided with the Crown. If only the Left had the propaganda machine that the right does….

  2. This is the same thinking based on what is (no kidding) the Laffer Curve. And yes, Kansas adopted these same policies and just about when bankrupt. Are these the same Repubs who couldn’t vote for anything in the Obama Administration because it would increase the deficit? The hypocrisy here is incredible. But those who vote Repub will never see the harm the GOP is doing to this country, because they’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated.

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