Donald Trump, who lies so often that even fact-checking services can’t keep up with his many falsehoods, now adds more disgrace to his dishonest Presidency by claiming his does more to honor Americans who have fallen in battle for this country.

“I think I’ve called every family of someone who died,” he boasted while also claiming other Presidents haven’t placed such calls.

A check with relatives of soldiers who died overseas during Trump’s shameful Presidency found some who say they have never received a letter or a call from Trump.  To add to yet another round of Trump lies, Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush wrote, called and met with families who lost loved ones in battles.

Even worse, in one of Trump’s calls that he actually did make, he told one widow that her slain husband “knew what he signed up for.”

That statement was overheard on speaker by Florida Rep. Fredrica Wilson.

“That’s so insensitive,” Wilson told Miami station WPLG.  “You shouldn’t say that to a grieving widow.”

Sadly, it is something that Donald Trump says all the time.  He’s a crude, craven man who spews out insults, misstatement and lies like verbal diarrhea.  During his campaign, Trump insulted a Gold Star mother who lost a son in war.

In Puerto Rico, Trump told residents of the island devastated by a hurricane that “they were lucky” to have him as President after he ignored the storm damage for two weeks.

The White House, in usual fashion, has not commented on Trump’s comment.

Some point to the 12 days of silence from Trump after four special forces operatives fell in battle in Niger and Mali.

As the first bodies from that attack arrived at Dover Air Force Base in America, Trump was screaming about “fake news” and warning of a claimed “calm before the coming storm.”  He never identified the “coming storm” but he continues to claim any news that shows him failing or looking bad is nothing but “fake news.”

Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth lost two legs in a helicopter crash and is now a Senator.

“I just wish this commander-in-chief would stop using Gold Star families as pawns in whatever game he’s trying to play here,” she says.

Golf Star families who have lost loved one in wartime says Presidents Obama and Bush offered “intimate kindness” in their consolations.

Others say they have heard nothing from Trump or the White House and most now hope he doesn’t even try.

“I doubt he will call,” says the mother of a soldier who died in Afghanistan and who asked that her name not be published.  “He doesn’t care about my son or what he stood for.  He’s a callous shallow bastard.  If he calls now to try and make up for his failure, I probably will tell him to ‘go to hell’ and hang up on the son of a bitch.”


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  1. I’m with her. If Donald Trump called me I’d tell him to go to hell and hang up on the son of a bitch too. Jon

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