1. This being exactly why the human race needs a world government.

    Imagine your neighbor declaring a ‘Neighbor First’ policy, and then throwing all their garbage over the fence into your yard. You would be a bit peeved, I expect, and would ask them to stop. “Make me” they say. “I could call the cops.” They then turn around and say “My police force is bigger than yours, so ha ha, egg on you!”. Unfortunately, that happens to be true – Are you now condemned to suffer effectively infinite garbage thrown at you?

    If you want a rule of law, someone has to enforce it. And that someone has to be bigger and nastier than whoever’s violating the law.

    This is a problem with multinational corporations, as we’ve seen already with tax evasion. When the corporation is bigger than the country, no country can effectively regulate it. And when it’s a country itself that is acting unlawfully, throwing their trash all over the place, who’s going to make them stop?


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