1. Even a blind pig finds a truffle now and then.

    I was just as against the TPP treaty as was Mr. Trump during the campaign (but for entirely different reasons). And in this case I think that would have also been my first question, “When briefed on the diplomatic, military and intelligence posts, the new president would often cast doubt on the need for all the resources.”

    Recall that Osama Bin Laden’s major beef with the USA was the US keeping troops in Saudi Arabia.

    In Saudi Arabia. Promoting stability, I guess? In an absolute monarchy run entirely under sharia law? Which provided 19 of the 20 9/11 hijackers? Is that really a good use of American military power? Saudi Arabia makes North Korea look like a democratic republic.

    The Chinese have declared the U.S. Navy as a threat to navigation. Somehow I don’t blame them. Is this a good use of American military power?

    Indefinite war in Afghanistan. Is this a good use of American military power?

    There are a lot of very good questions to ask along these lines, and once again I find myself aligned with President Trump. Tell the generals to go jump in a lake – This is a waste of time, a waste of money, and a net negative for the USA because all we’re managing to do is piss people off.

    Of course, that is exactly what he didn’t do. He came out of the meeting ‘educated’ about how important it is to piss off all our money on tanks and planes and boats to deal with those people we have pissed off.

    One does wonder if there might be a better way.


    • PS – Listening to people whose very job depends upon that pissing away of money defend the pissing away might be just a little bit counterproductive. Let’s just say that chieftains of the army, navy, and CIA are probably not entirely unbiased about the prospect of having their wings clipped a bit. J.

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