1. Ronald Reagan ran up enormous deficits. So did G.H.W. Bush. Bill Clinton would have run a surplus every year if he hadn’t had to pay the _interest_ on the debt those two Republicans ran up. And he almost managed it anyhow, his last year in office. Then along comes Bush II, and hey look, tax cuts! and pop go the deficits again, this time a lot worse. It took Barack Obama some time to turn that around – And now they’re steering the ship right back into the hurricane. Why not? It makes the rich richer!

    No, nothing’s changed. The Republicans have always been for government spending – as long as it’s spending on their stuff. Deficits only matter when someone else is in charge.


  2. The article mentioned that the Bush Administration was “flush with money.” But it doesn’t say why. Don’t want to rile the right wingers? Wasn’t the Bush Administration “flush with money” because of the surplus created by Clinton? Shhhhhh. We don’t want to offend anybody.

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