1. Trump’s end is going to be a real shite-show and some Congressmen can see that coming. If they want a future in politics it might be better not to be around for that. Once he’s gone, then they can come back and run on a clean record. Besides, Republican Congressmen can usually walk right into some law firm, lobbying job, think tank, or corporate board: It’s the Right’s retirement system for loyal warriors.

    • I’d really like to see a Dem Senate and a Dem House do what they can to stymie lobbying efforts. Large transnational corporations and lobbying is our Democracy’s (what’s left of it) greatest threat.

  2. The Dems might be counting their chickens before they’re hatched. I really haven’t seen how the Dems can capitalize on GOP “disarray.” The Dems better take a page out of the Republican play book and start with a unified message from the top down (word for word). This would include not only the seats in the Senate and the House, but also for those seats on the state level (especially Secretary of State). If I were the Democratic leadership, I’d be reading everything I could find written by Joseph Goebbels and how to apply it for their message(s). It seems that the Republicans have.

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