1. So the aid for Hurricane Harvey victims and soon Hurricane Irma victims are all dependent on hard-nosed Republicans in “standing firm?” Really? And they’re saying that the Dems are the ones who are politicizing this aid? I really hope the hard-liners get what they want, and maybe, just maybe, the GOP will be the dying political party those of us Progressives would love to see. If not, those members of the “Freedom” Caucus will be replaced with more “moderate” Republicans (which seems to be an oxymoron right now).

  2. Speaker is an elected office, and ALL Representatives get to vote. That includes Democrats, so the Freedom Caucus can’t possibly win. If they held on for someone other than the mainstream Tepublican, then the Democratic candidate would win!

  3. “The son-of-a-bitch sold us out,” a long-time GOP Congressman told Capitol Hill Blue Thursday.

    And I’m going to say to this long-term Congressman “Join the fu**ing club. Didn’t you know he was going to do that sooner or later? You buffoon.”


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