• Sanity is not about trust. Distrust is not a form of insanity. Trump has illusions of grandeur coupled with a need for constant praise frequently ignoring that there is no need of praise. Trump needs to be removed from office.

    • Adds psychologist Dr. John Gartner:

      If we could construct a psychiatric Frankenstein monster, we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump. He’s a paranoid, psychopathic narcissist who is divorced from reality and lashes out impulsively at his imagined enemies.

    • So he can’t trust HIS own people. These are HIS people, People HE hired. If he can’t trust HIS own people then who can he trust or is he untrustworthy?

  1. Play the cards that are currently on the table. It doesn’t matter anymore who voted for/against T or H. Mental Illness is in office crippling our nation & diverting $ from We the People. Do not “get crazy” by being around/duplicating crazy.

    Rise to your greater good – no name calling, no getting hooked in blame cycles; that sap progress. Keep your dignity and help lead/heal from bottom up.

    The formula: What is the problem? What are the causes of problem? What are all the possible solutions to the problem? What is the best solution to test for resolution? Now do the job and get our “leaders” to realize that we want efficient grown-ups in leadership roles!
    Best regards to all.

  2. i blame the democrats the best they could put up was evil hillary or every body on welfare barry that party stinks to high haven as a mater of fact the both do god help us please

    • Larry Williams-Of course you’d blame the Democrats for Trump’s election win. Of course, you have absolutely no responsibility in voting for the moron do you? You don’t think it strange that for the last 30 years your beloved rw (right wing) propaganda machine has vilified Hillary and not once could any charges be brought against her? Judging from your post, you don’t utilize much in the way of logic or individual thought. You keep letting the rw keep doing your thinking for you, and whatever you do, keep voting against your interests and keep voting Republican. Then keep wondering why your life isn’t improving.

    • Blaming Hillary for losing? Wouldn’t you rather have a sane and capable leader, even if you disagree with their politics? Trump’s code name for the SS should be “Agent Orange”.

  3. It was clear from the beginning that Trump was unfit for office. Most of us knew he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and would crack. We were right, he cracked open and as he completes his cracking, N Korea, also with a psychopathic president, triggers him to do something outrageous. Something that will hurt us all. We all need to contact our reps in DC and demand that the 25th be invoked before this sick pup does something that we can’t come back from as a nation.

  4. Yes, Trump is a train wreck of a President. He doesn’t know the first thing about being a President. Being a President is instinctively knowing how to lead. Leading is garnering trust from others through words that are contemplative and have resonance AND actions of good deed and empathy. These are things that inspire others to WANT to work for you. To want to do the hard jobs. To even put their life on the line because you as President asked and they believe in you as a leader. Being a leader is having the personal awareness to admit when you’re wrong and having the humility to say I need to do better. Being strong is not constantly attacking others and blaming underlings and staff for failures which YOU as President are directly responsible for. Attacking others is not a sign of strength. It is a sign of fear. With the possible exception of Stephen Miller and the now departed Sebastian Gorka, I don’t believe there is anyone in his administration that reveres him as a leader. They will never say it, of course. But this is the case. Regardless of what self aggrandizement BS comes out his mouth Donald Trump he is not a strong person or President. He is weak. And getting weaker

    • Mike I hate to tell you but I told all of you that voted for him you all were making a terrible mistake. Some of you had so much hatred in your hearts because you all did not like President Obama. Shame on all of you. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

      • I didn’t vote for the idiot in fact I was so worried he would win I voted for his openent ,the first time I voted in 35 years

  5. Ever since I saw one and only one episode of the Apprentice I knew I didnt like him and when I learned he was running for President I cringed because of his behavior,his bullying,his arrogance and had hoped it was just all a bad dream but nae today it is a bloody nightmare and if he thinks he will get a 2nd term then he is truly delusional,something is not right in his head,he will completely go off the rails eventually and I fear we will pay for it.

  6. This article is really funny, sad, and scary all at the same time. I guess time will be the telling factor to see if this article is true, or just fake news that the trumptards so often use to discribe…. Hope war isn’t the telling factor….

  7. The Dumpster will continue his insane behavior until he does something really absolutely stupid, like withhold relief funding for Texas until he gets his freaking wall to no where built.

  8. Trump needs a diagnosis.  He is an established Con Man, everyone knows this. His plans amount to treason, which everyone will know too late to react.  When a military commanding officer is of unsound mind, it is justified and legal to act in insubordination on those grounds. This   strategy is both patriotic and required by the U.S. constitution. Any less response is willful and destructive misconduct.

  9. There is no credibility to any of these statement by any of these aides when there is no mention made of any of their names.

    • Aides and staffers are not going to use their name. They are not crazy like their boss. He’d either fire or have you eliminated.

  10. SMART PEOPLE KNEW this was inevitable. Professionals have confirmed he is crazy and unqualified, yet GOPer DUPES could not discern this. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Uneducated, illiterate, ignorant voters have harmed the country AGAIN! Trump gave supporters justification for coming out of their racist, Fascist, Nazi closets and feel OK about themselves. SAD

  11. Some knew that President Donald (megalomanic) Trump was and is unfit, yet they supported him. To paraphrase Toby Kieth, Republicans, how you like him now?

    • Charlie-If you’re looking for those “courageous patriots, they won’t be coming from the Right side of the aisle.

      • MichMike (and Jeff Baymiller) You only need to read his tweets and listen to his speeches to see that he’s unhinged. These third party references are just confirmation and there have been plenty that aren’t anonymous.

      • Ah, you mean like all the “anonymous sources” that you guys gobbled up whenever it involved a Clinton or an Obama?

      • …And you’re truly irrational. Why would anyone reveal his name when it would only get him verbally assaulted and fired? And why in the world would Mexico pay for someone else’s idiot wall? You conservative sheeple are so gullible. You believe anything, no matter how stupid, if it comes from conservative media. Attacking Hillary was strictly strategic on his part; distracting the media from closely investigating his own inadequacies and numerous less-than-laudable character-istics. It worked! Wherever Donald led the media, they followed. Do you really think that if he had been as thoroughly investigated by the media as Hillary was, that they wouldn’t find ten times as much and as bad? As is slowly coming out now thanks to Mueller. Trump is pretty much the scummiest, most psychotic, most ignorant, most uneducated, most corrupt, etc. president in American history! And you know how he got elected? By feeding the prejudices of the 35% of the American public who are uneducated, illiterate, pissed-off, misinformed, and brainwashed by conservative media….

        Remember what Trump said, on camera: “I love my uneducated supporters.” They got him elected.

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