1. “EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has called cleaning up Superfund sites a top priority, even as he has taken steps to roll back or delay rules aimed at preventing air and water pollution.”

    There’s a reason for that, you see. There’s big money in cleanup work. There’s very little money in enforcing rules about prevention of pollution in the first place (and it could cost a job! Some CEO might lose his bonus! The stock might fall!! Think of the hedge funds!!!).

    And only little people (who, according to Ms. Helmsley, pay taxes) live in polluted places.

    It’s a classic example of Republican deliberately breaking government, then yelling that government doesn’t work and asking to get paid (re-elected) to fix it again. Except they won’t fix it, that would put a stop to their plan.

    There’s a reason for that too, you see.


    PS – If you object to my term “Republican” above allow me to point out that Administrator Pruitt is by all accounts a Republican, and was nominated to his post because he was a Republican, and in his previous jobs he specifically attempted to prevent the EPA from doing their job by filing incessant lawsuits against perfectly reasonable environmental regulations. Then there’s pollution, and lo – he’s all in favour of cleaning it up. He’s a Republican, and that is what he is doing. J.

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