1. Surprised they left out the promised donation of a million to Sandy victims. Reportedly told Gov. Christie’s wife, who was heading up some of the relief efforts, to tell him where to send the check…You guessed it…it never arrived. Now he’s done the same with Harvey victims, promised them a million…wonder if the check will arrive?

  2. If this were anyone else, he/she would be made to pay back or pay the money that was assumed already donated to these charitable organizations. Open ur eyes and ears Trump supporters, he is a con man, a liar, and a thief. If that is who you want for your president, u should all be ashamed of yourselves and this nation as long as he is. He does a disservice to this country every time he is referred to as Commander-In-Chief. Please verify this information if u doubt its validity.

    • Bobbie-The fact that 30 some % of the population are radical supporters of Trump’s, says more about them than it does Der Fuhrer. It would seem, that they’re quite comfortable with him as president.

  3. If you think this is bad, what really galls me is the $14 million he got from an insurance company for “damages” to Mar a Lago. Nothing, I mean NOTHING was wrong with that place other than some minor damages that amounted to a few thousand dollars. I wish that got more coverage than the obvious trump university scam. This guy is so sleazy and disgusting, it begs the question, what would republicans be doing if it were a Democrat in the White House going to his or her own property every weekend, bankrupting the Secret Service in the process. I can tell you with 100% certainty – articles of impeachment.

  4. Doug-If you don’t mind, I’m going to save this for any future Trumpanzee who criticizes the Clinton Foundation and what was done to get contributions and how the money was used. Mostly (I imagine) the uranium “deal” and how the Clinton Foundation benefited…..

      • In the case of Trump, there’s no more ‘alleged’ about it. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

        There will always be unreasonable doubts (E.T. flew down in his spaceship, and he stole the money!) and one cannot reason [usefully] with unreasonable people.


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