1. Dude, I feel you. But if your gonna quote statistics, get them right or your rant is flawed and people will totally discard your ideas. Trumps overall approval rating is about 35% overall. It’s much higher with about 2/3rds of Republicans approval, of course only 25% of Democrats think he is doing a good job. The big change has been in the falloff of Independents with an approval of about 35%. Seventy percent of the country think the nation is going the wrong way. Unfortunately with the Chaos Kid, there doesn’t seem to be any hope of things getting better. As a matter of fact there is plenty going on that’s screwing the little guy and benefiting business the opposite of his campaign pledges about jobs with his get rid of regulations that protected them in areas of wages and safety. America is in a dangerous place right now and we have a totally incompetent. If he truly wants to “Make America Great Again”, he should resign immediately.

  2. I’m don’t think that slut-shaming Melania adds anything useful to the conversation. She has no policy role, or any apparent power, in this administration. How much cleavage she sports has no connection to how many Nazis Trump hugs.

    There is certainly plenty of rant-fodder in her husband’s actions. Trashing her for being married to him brings back memories of the absolutely feral misogyny unleashed at Hillary by the right wing, when she was first lady.

    We don’t need to go there…

    • She most certainly is incredibly beautiful eye candy. From what I understand, she’s turned 50? And Ivanka is just as beautiful. It’s just too bad that both have something in common with such an insecure, disgusting loser.

  3. Doug-Please don’t hold back. Tell it like it is. But thank you for your efforts so far. Some people will find that facts can be such messy things…….

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