1. I remember back in the late 60’s when I took a gun safety course in high school, yes actually taught for credit. It was sponsored by the NRA and taught gun safety, citizen responsibilities, and third how to safely shoot and hit what you are aiming at. I used the lessons taught in that class when I went through Army basic training, scored expert and continued to score that for the next 20 years with a variety of weapons.

    Today, when I look at the NRA, I see a terrorist organization – “We’ve had it with your narratives, your propaganda, your fake news. We’ve had it with your constant protection of your Democrat overlords, your refusal to acknowledge any truth that upsets the fragile construct that you believe is real life. And we’ve had it with your tone-deaf assertion that you are in any way truth or fact-based journalism,” Loesch says. “Consider this the shot across your proverbial bow. … In short? We’re coming for you.”

  2. My god. I’m still waiting for the gummit to come and take my guns. It was the mantra the NRA used all through Obama’s presidency. Of course, sales soared and gun manufacturers were very happy. But interestingly, the number of households with guns have declined, but the number of people who own guns just bought more. I’m familiar with one moron who bought his third (that’s three) AR-15 while Obama was in office. And he was on welfare. And in a wheelchair and on a respirator. Just the voter the Republican party needs. Incredibly stupid.

    • And now alt-right websites are expressing terror at the growing number of liberals buying guns. Apparently if there’s anything conservatives fear more than Muslims and Mexicans it’s gun-loving liberals.

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