1. “Why hasn’t he done anything?”

    Pick from one or more of the following excuses given by his base over the last seven months (and I’ve seen all of these multiple times):

    “The Deep State”
    “But Clinton!”
    “Obama” / “Obama’s Secret Army”
    “The Establishment”
    “The Rothschilds”
    “Jews” / “Zionists” / “Kushner, et. al.”
    “Obstructionist Democrats”

    The one reason now allowed:

    “Trump himself”

  2. The president is only one man. For anything to get done, it may actually take an act of Congress. And this Republican congress has done nothing. It still baffles me as to why Republican voters actually think that the GOP cares about them. Oh, wait. It’s the rw propaganda machine that tells them that is does. So it must be true. Never mind.

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