1. An interesting comment from an Italian lady who posted on a thread that although the architecture built during the years of Mussolini won’t be torn down, you won’t find a statue of Mussolini in Italy. The architecture is now part of Italy’s culture and history. A statue of Mussolini is promoting the ideology. I thought it was quite inciteful on her part.

  2. As pointed out in other posts, comments, here and other sites, and in the real News, there is a difference between General George Washington and General Robert E. Lee. One fought against his country the other fought to create his country.

    Oh, as for Thomas Jefferson, the original drafts of the Constitution eliminated slavery, but that particular article was removed as a political compromise with Southern representatives to the convention.

    Jefferson’s position and thoughts on Slavery – https://www.monticello.org/site/plantation-and-slavery/thomas-jefferson-and-slavery

    Once again President Donald (I speak out of my ass) Trump has his facts wrong. I guess he is putting out “FAKE NEWS.”

    • Everything that comes out of Trump are lies. Put simply, every time Trump says a specific report from the media is fake, IT’S TRUE. He’s so ignorant when it comes to the history of our country, yet he spews so much crap, his confidence in his lies makes him believable to the uneducated / ignorant.

      His supporters also say many ignorant things as well. One girl said that blacks shouldn’t be upset if the statues remain, because they didn’t live and suffer through times of slavery. I cannot understand that mentality. I’m not black, but I’m Hella upset about it, but I have a hard time choosing words to defend my argument and make the girl realize and feel the sadness & anger that most of us feel over the incident in Charlottesville. Can anyone give me some advice?

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