1. Emoluments, financial conflicts of interest, overcharging the government for his stay(s) at his properties, and Republicans and their base do not have the balls, backbone or the brains to do anything about it. Republicans and their base are such cowards and snowflakes.

  2. They also colossally ripped off Wisconsin for that Foxconn factory. Even if it *does* create 13,000 jobs (highly doubtful), the state’s paying $230,000 per job. Oh, and that’s not just tax breaks – It’s _refundable_ tax breaks, so if Foxconn quietly does their accounting and owes the state of Wisconsin $0, the state has to pay THEM a billion or so of taxpayers’ money.

    And they voted for this guy, and their governor… J.

  3. To be forced to endure another three-plus years of this sub-human pig and his little piglets treating our treasury like a trough full of slop will be near impossible for all but republicans, who, will double down with the lipstick and alternative facts.. We need a lifeline fast…

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