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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tyrant. Terrorist. Traitor. Trump.

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Donald Trump where he belongs: On the sidelines of Wrestlemania.

America faces many threats, but none as dangerous as the despicable excuse for humanity who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and poses as President of the United States.

In a nation where a screwed-up electoral processes have produced many questionable leaders, the results of the Presidential election of 2016 has put America on the verge of total and absolute collapse.

Donald John Trump is many things:  Con man, crook, a narcissist with a massive ego and the mind of a spoiled child and the largest threat to the future of this county ever approved by a conned group of angry, racist and bigoted voters.

He is also a terrorist who threatens the future and security of the United States of America.

At this point, America faces another terrorist leader in North Korea who now has Intercontinental Ballistic Missile capability to deliver nuclear weapons to critical targets within the United States.

Can man-child Trump deal with such a crisis?  No.  Can he lead America to World War III?  Yes.

Trump has no plan in hand for dealing with the North Koreans.  His standard modus operandi is to anger other national leaders while bragging about an election where he lost the popular vote and came nowhere close to his claim of having the “largest electoral college win in history.”

Can he stop tweeting vile, obscene attacks against his claimed “enemies” long enough to actually focus on a real threat to the nation?  Doubtful.

Will he stop looting the U.S. treasury to fatten his own bank accounts while his Republican accomplices in Congress stand by and do nothing.  Of course not.  He’s a thief and a cheat — the only two things where he actually might be proficient.

Trump has surrounded himself with a corrupt and/or unqualified Cabinet, aides who falls to their needs to genuflect before him and attempt to validate his many lies.  He’s worse than many third-world leaders who have stripped their countries of resources and destroyed their credibility and dignity.

He’s a man unhinged whenever anyone questions him, fire back like a schoolyard bully and changes his positions, sometimes in mid-sentence, because he cannot focus on his many lies long enough to be consistent.

His current war against MSNBC co-hosts of “Morning Joe” shows a cornered psychopath who is running out of options to keep his con alive.  He’s running out of options and escapes plans to get away with his looting of America.

Reads a headline, published on July 4, on the column written by Kathleen Parker:  “Bizarre.. Absurd, Ridiculous. Embarrassing. Trump.”

As the nation was preparing to celebrate its storied independence from the British crown, the president secured his place as history’s greatest jester.

Or America’s first toddler president. Take your pick.

She adds:

No one has ever seen a U.S. president behave in such an idiotic manner. Most adults have a pause button in their brains that shields civilized society from impulsive, inappropriate behavior. For the president, every impulse is apparently irresistible.

David Rothkopf, Visiting Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University’s School of International Affairs, says this:

Not only does the president diminish the office with his pettiness; he also shows disregard for constitutional principles including free speech, freedom of religion and separation of powers, and he operates as though he were above ethics laws. Daily he shows he lacks the character, discipline, intellect, judgment or respect for the office to be president of the United States.

One might, on this Independence Day week, have to go back to King George III to find a head of state who so threatened America. But there is no precedent for one whose character is so obviously ill-suited to the presidency.

Trump must be removed from office, before it is too late.

Sadly, it may be too late.  Call it what it is: “Attack of the Killer Klowns.”


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2 thoughts on “Tyrant. Terrorist. Traitor. Trump.”

  1. “America faces many threats, but none as dangerous as the despicable excuse for humanity who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and poses as President of the United States.”

    Truth be told, Donald J Trump is the king of jackoffs!

  2. For the 35% of Republican voters who have been thoroughly indoctrinated notwithstanding,
    what’s there left to be said?

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