1. We’ve never had to face a mentally-ill incoming president before because we just assumed that the primary process and career politician things would screen them out.

    Obviously, we were wrong and we should correct that by requiring presidential candidates to pass a non-partisan mental and physical exam, with results publicly disclosed. And 10 years of tax returns/financial records. They need to be disclosed, too. And POTUS needs to be divested of all business interests. No exceptions.

  2. The chief executive for the country lacks self-control, we need someone who expresses diplomacy, which is particularly needed at this time in history. The president looks more like a loose cannon. Particularly disconcerting considering the responsibility he holds.

  3. If mister Drumph is not nuts than can you name atleast one other 71yo man who bleaches their hair blonde[think the chemicals have affected his brain] & does a comb over.Their is something to the saying that dizzy blonde.

  4. Trump’s mental state was obvious during the campaign. It was the anti-black sentiment brought on by the successes of the Obama administration that got him elected.

    • I was an early supporter of Obama. Ten years ago I was an assistant minister at a (other than me) all black church. I was the one that told them Obama was running. Most of my friends were black (and still are). We now have the worst race relations since the early 1960’s. And I am sick of being called a racist and a liar by white liberals everytime I disagree with them.

  5. His mental instability was obvious from the very start, why this is just now being brought to the forefront of discussion is a mystery. It is still not to late to stop his madness, it will just take some guts on the part of our government officials to do the correct thing. We as the public also have our own role to play as well, allowing a person who has obvious and somewhat sever mental issues to remain in this position can only lead us down the road to certain disaster, it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when this occurs. Regardless of one’s political lean, this has got to stop, for the sake of all of us.

    • It isn’t just being brought to the forefront. It been brought up since the campaign. It just that most people ignored it and now everyone can see it.

  6. Even credentialed “Yale”, “New York University”, “Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine” psychiatrist aren’t given enough credit to sway the Trump supporters to take note, UGH!! Sob!! I beg Trump supporters to quit being mad at politics and educate yourself about details of why politics is so complicated. I believe both Bush and Obama were patriots but had different ideas on what is best for America. Neither were disrespectful to anyone that I can recall. Mr. Trump is OBVIOUSLY about Mr. Trump. You can not demand respect, you can only earn respect by respecting.

    • Honey this isn’t about Bill Clinton. He isn’t the president anymore. And bringing his name into the discussion dosesn’t give legitimacy to your postion. Try something else.

    • To the anti-Bill Clinton respondent: There was no “sexual addiction” by our budget-balancing Bill Clinton; he engaged in a brief extramarital lapse with an adult female that involved fellatio (considered to be “foreplay” in many parts of the Midwest (including Arkansas). Accuser Juanita Hickey (turned Broaddrick when she married her extramarital lover) was deemed by Special Prosecutor Ken Starr to “have no credibility”!

      The issue is the mental instability of the cheat-to-“win” Russia-colluding dangerously volatile narcissistic incompetent, corrupt to the very core Donald Trump occupying our White House and disrespecting the Office of the President! Check out two law-breaking Trump items: a three-way (three servers) hook-up originating from Trump Tower between the Kushner office, the DeVos-owned Spector Health in Michigan, and the Russian ALFA BANK that author and analyst Tea Pain (Theodore Addison Pain) was able to track: “Jared Kushner’s Stealth Russian Data Machine” (posted on WordPress.com blog site)—a “database replication” that was done in small, undetectable increments throughout the 2016 campaign year. Also read “The Making of Donald Trump” by recognized Trump expert David Cay Johnston, and pay close attention to the long-term partnership between Trump and Felix Sater (offices two floors below Trump’s in Trump Tower even after becoming a twice-convicted felon)—the Russian-born son of the Russian MAFIA crime boss! The mentally ill mobbed-up Trump poses a very clear and present danger to this already great nation! He needs to go.

  7. Melania could stop him in a second. All she has to say is I am going back to New york for good unless you stop tweeting.

  8. We can ill afford to allow a psychotic person in the position of leadership this country. He must be removed from office before he causes irreparable damage to this country and the world…

  9. I posted on Facebook and elsewhere on the day this maniac got ‘elected’ that he is mentally unstable: with sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies. Six months later people are beginning to realise it. Wake up America and get ride of him before he does any further damage. I cannot believe the ignorance of the people who continue to support him. Why?? I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat (or neither) – this goes beyond ideological boundaries.

  10. Trump frequently develops derogative titles for those who oppose him in some way. Maybe it is time for him to experience similar negative attacks. People could start referring to him as the Demented Donald or Man-boy Trump or possibly the Peed on President, How about the Nabob Nut? Can anyone think of other appropriate derogatory terms for him. He certainly supplies plenty of material to do so.

    • Tom, I’ve been screaming how sick he is since 35 psychiatrists wrote a letter to the NY times saying just that (and I think hundreds more agree). I think the perfect name for him is “Scared Little Boy”.

  11. Well…………DUH! He’s shown that he is CRAZY from the very start of the campaign, yet this is the issue where you decide to call him on his behavior?! I keep waking up to his lunacy on a daily basis – the aberrant behavior that would have disqualified him in ever participating in the election if we did “due diligence” and required that anyone running for any office have a mental exam.

  12. America needs to rid itself of this person. Public pressure on the politicians is required. Get to it citizens!

  13. i do not believe any of you are as sane or more sane than trump. nor is it appropriate for any psychiatrist, to misuse the media for their soap box. the diversity of realities today, is a sad commentary about this whole insane world today.

    • How do you know all the psychiatrists are liberal? Are you privy to some esoteric information the rest of us do not have? I think you’re full of it and are just spouting off because you’re a partisan republican. Stinks to be you, oh narrow minded one.

    • I have a friend who is a licensed psychiatrist. He told me that a full 1/3 of the population in America suffers from mental illness in one form or another. All you have to do is drive the freeways during rush hour to find out. Its too bad people see mental illness with a stigma. It only prevents people like Trump who obviously needs help from getting it.

  14. Trump seems to overcompensate for attractive women, leaving me to believe he has underlying homosexual tendencies, he admiration for Putin and Flynn are good examples. The degradation of women and childish attacks on their face shows me, deep down, he hates women, no matter how attractive and has to constantly convince himself he is straight. He will never respect women, because he prefers men.

    • There are literally dozens of different reasons why a man might display misogynistic behavior, assuming it’s always some kind of latent homosexuality is an ignorant and overused accusation/insinuation which needs to be ended.

  15. Diagnosis without complete, in person, examination of the patient is negligent, and considered malpractice. But let’s not let a little thing like that rain on our parade…(;-P

    • At the same time overidealizing professional practices which exist in part for reasons of legality and practicality is not the end-all be-all; patterns of behavior when displayed publicly, consistently and chronically *can* form part of a psychiatric profile (in fact there are arguably limitations to relying on what someone says about themselves and how they act for 30-45 minutes once a week while in a session since many people are masterful at presenting themselves in certain deliberate ways).

  16. So the talking heads aren’t used to getting back the trash they dish out? President Trump isn’t crazy, he just gives back more than he receives and the snowflakes aren’t used to that sort of stuff from people they attack. Love it!

    • It’s not just the talking heads (I don’t care personally for 99% of the media in this country) but DT’s behavior is consistently vulgar, petty, overpersonalized and vindictive (the very fact that as POTUS he focuses on personal disputes on Twitter rather than learning the details of the massive healthcare reform he’s championing reveals deficits about his judgment, I don’t see how you can say otherwise).

  17. He’s not so much mentally ill as he’s never had to ever give a shit how he presents himself to others. At 71 years old he’s not going to change or tone it down per his handlers, and they actually encourage this behavior because his base eats it up.
    “In your guts, You know He’s Nuts” should be the new slogan for Trump. Hell- it worked for Goldwater back in 1964!!!

    • Your argument seems based on a strange premise–the idea that someone who’s never had to present themselves to others can’t be mentally ill? If anything that would lead to a greater likelihood of a mental disorder in my opinion (although more in the realm of a personality disorder than something like bipolar or schizophrenia).

  18. The Secretary of Defense has to turn his key as well to send the bombs. And he’s not going to. It is never up to one man for precisely this reason.

      • Anecdotally, a chap was in a missile silo with those vaunted ‘two keys’, and noticed that both key switches were just ordinary electrical contacts in ordinary rack-mount chassis panels, held in with ordinary cross-head screws. One enterprising missileer with a screwdriver, a bit of wire, and a couple clip leads could have easily defeated that “two-person” requirement. Yeah. We’re not so sure. J.

        • It does indeed make one wonder who holds the keys to our lives!!! After watching ‘Dr Strangelove” the other night, I’m not even sure I trust the Military with the final key decision.

        • If I am not mistaken (full disclosure: I often am) the keys must be turned simultaneously. If one is turned before the other, or tricked into ‘thinking’ it has been turned before the other – no big bada-boom. The missile will not launch. The missileer would have to run wire from one switch to the other, so that he (or she?) could be in proximity to it, then turn his key and ‘fake’ the other switch within milliseconds of each other. Not saying that it coudn’t be done. Just that it would be trickier than just turning one switch, then the other.

          • I was stationed at Malmstrom AFB, a SAC Base with Minuteman ICBM. It is impossible for one person to turn both “keys” at the same second. The keys are do not look like an average keys and theh distance between then two make it impossible to “rig”. There are extreme safety measures in place and in fact The President can not order a launch by himself for obvious reasons.

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