1. It’s all theater. The entire TSA is theater. The DHS was a union-busting exercise.

    But even the sainted Ronald Reagan, when inaugurated, was being shown the security features of the White House and he asked to see the War Room. It took a bit of explaining to the former head of the screen actors union that the film ‘Dr. Strangelove’ was actually fiction, and there was no “War Room”.

    If the President himself, having worked in film for many years, can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction, it is not a good sign for the nation.

    Such signs have led us here. This is how empires fall.


  2. But wasn’t the 90 day ban starting in February so the INS could review their vetting process? Did they not review their vetting process already? It’s been more than 150 days since he told them to. The temporary restraining orders certainly did not stop such a review process. Why isn’t it moot since the 90 days is already up?

    Or was there never any real “process review” and it was all theater?

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