Barak Obama did what he needed to do a few weeks ago by distancing himself from his pastor’s inflammatory rhetoric. That was before Rev. Wright made himself into a show biz franchise. After Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speeches at the NAACP meeting and the National Press Club it has become apparent that Obama’s biggest challenge now is to marginalize this spotlight hogging blowhard.

No matter how right Wright is, the more he tries to explain himself the more chum he throws in the water for the Republican sharks and the barracuda known as Hillary to feast on. I used to think Hillary’s ego was the most dangerous to Obama. Now I think the Wright ego is just as dangerous, if not more so.

There’s an old line from vaudeville used to deal with disruptive audience members, "everyone’s a comedian". It is clear that Rev. Wright thinks his showmanship is ready for prime time. Jonathan Alter, talking on MSNBC, just called him a publicity hound, and agreed with the commentator that he was shoving Obama under the bus. He says he’s becoming a regular sitcom character. I agree.

Wright’s lame attempt to mimic the voices of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson in order to make a point about racial prejudice that really didn’t fit into context was a calculated sound bite. Indeed, it is has been replayed on cable news all day.

What can a Democrat like Wright be thinking when he mocks JFK and LBJ?

Yes, we know that Arabic is a language, but what sense does it make for him to scream three times "Barak Hussein Obama"?

If his purpose is the help get his message across, doesn’t he understand that he isn’t preaching to a black congregation, or an audience of liberal intellectuals?

He’s an educated man, and he must know that a good teacher crafts his message with precision and presents it in a manner that won’t be misinterpreted or made fun of.

Although Wright muttered a supposed joke about maybe Obama would ask him to run for vice president, perhaps he really wants to follow in Al Sharpton’s footsteps and become a television celebrity.

Reverend Al has a list of television credits that is respectable B list, and includes genuinely funny turns as himself on shows like "Boston Legal" and "Law and Order SVU".

Jeremiah, I have news for you. You’re no Reverend Al.

As they say in TV land, the Reverend Jeremiah Show has jumped the shark in the last two episodes. Barak, your mild wishy washy response to the latest episodes of Wright’s show suggest you haven’t been paying attention.

Please, it’s time to cancel it.


  1. Interesting to note, that while Obama refused to throw Wright under the bus, Wright doesn’t have a problem throwing Obama under the bus. I understand Wright is writing a book

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