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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Trump: A failed, obscene clown

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President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Failing President Donald Trump staggered through the end of his first 100 days with nothing much to show for his time in the Oval Office of the White House.

The arranged “rally” in Harrisburg, Pa., provided all anyone needed to know about the president who isn’t:  Hoopla in front of a carefully arranged crowd, hyperbole of claimed successes that don’t exist and more bluster than fact from a former reality TV host who struggles through his time in office has no script.

Trump and his deranged “base” can bullshit all they want but they can’t hide the muddled, swarmy antics of a bluster-delivered President who is running out of steam because even he cannot deliver the hot air that he needs to sustain his failed melodrama.

What is left is a grifter who is running out of cons, a showman on a dimming stage and a thief who can no longer hide what he really is.

The new spending bill to keep the government running until the fall is devoid of Trump’s pet promised projects:  No repeal of Obamacare, no wall along the nation’s southern borders, no blockades against non-existent American-hating Muslims, no tax reform…nothing really at all.

He can continue to rape and pillage the American treasury to support his lavish lifestyle without accomplishing a single “goal” he established during a campaign for an office he didn’t understand, cannot constrain and will never control.

Trump looks like a fallen man:  The bags under his eyes in his puffy face, his ever-expanding gut over his belt, his lack of energy on the podium and a even shorter attention span to the details of his “office.”

His interviews with a media he claims to despise but needs increasingly portray a man with a fragmented man, unable to focus with a inability to construct a single coherent sentence.

His remarks showcase repetition with empty uses of words like “great” and “fantastic” and “best ever” like a man who need to say these things over and over to convince not us but himself and his constant need for acclaim and gratification.

“I don’t stand for anything,” Trump admitted to John Dickerson, host of CBS-TV’s “Face the Nation,” shortly before he stomped off the set.

“Donald Trump fell off the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down,” write Michael A. Cohen of The Boston Globe.

World-class psychiatrist Allen Frances calls Trump “a world-class narcissist.”

Even close aides to Trump call him “a clueless child” who acts on impulse on issues he does not understand.

Psychologist Suzanne Lachmann recalls:

Directly after Mr. Trump’s divorce from his first wife Ivana became front-page news, they both attended a charity function for a prominent designer fashion label, and his presence caused a stir.  His behaviors in this social setting were indicative of a person who deemed himself superior to others.  I was volunteering that evening and later approached him in order to introduce myself, and he said, “Why would I want to talk to you? I wouldn’t even let you suck my dick. Look at all the beautiful women here. Don’t waste my time.”

Sadly, that is the true nature of our 45th President of the United States of America.


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3 thoughts on “Trump: A failed, obscene clown”

  1. TRUMPF looks like a man using some kind of drug or combination of drugs to keep him moving. I won’t be surprised if he has some kind of mental or emotional breakdown soon. He’s simply not up to the level of and the pace of the work necessary to be President in the modern era.

  2. Too bad for us that half the country is so steeped in pop culture garbage that they failed to realize that the sleazy orange clown is nothing more than an oily joke. Trump is a toy president for toy people.

  3. ““I don’t stand for anything,” Trump admitted to John Dickerson, host of CBS-TV’s “Face the Nation,” shortly before he stomped off the set.”

    I found it very alarming how he walked away from the interview like a little brat who couldn’t have his own way. I truly believe Donald Trump is mentally disturbed. He appears to be getting puffier in the face by the day and the bags under his eyes clearly show a trouble man. There are times I listen to him and he seems as if he’s ready to crack except when he’s preaching to his crowds of cult followers.

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