1. None of us can get too far removed from his lies, but it’s interesting that Trump’s Lies was the topic of my blog post today. When we hear a lie, for just a moment we hold it in our minds as true until our rational minds say, “Whoa! No way!” Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to be hearing them but not moving on to the analyzing part; it becomes their “truth” because they hear the lies so often and from the President, no less. He is getting something BIG from these lies.

  2. Don’t worry, Trump will distract from this lie, either by saying something even more ridiculous, or by doing something ridiculously stupid. In the meantime, I’m wondering if ridiculously stupid involves Bill O’Reilly replacing Sean Spicer/

  3. The concerning observation to me is trump doesn’t care and neither the GOP at the moment. That will change only when the economy starts going off the rails. Sadly, I think we will have go through some serious pain and blood before political change occurs.

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