1. I was saying this would happen when trump was running his campaign. A business man who has to file bankruptcy 6 times tells me that TRUMP can not BE TRUSTED!!! The millions of people who believe in trump and voted for him be on guard and watch your backs! The Devil is working over time and has way to many followers. Be watchful keep your eyes open

  2. As a result of Trump’s election, the image of an American around the world must be a red-necked, gun-toting, beer-swilling slob.

  3. The US People who GOT CONNED from day one of the Elections and Voted for this CON ARTIST Trump and his Family have to get Trump impeached.

    Since Trump won the Elections with Russia’s Help, he is not a LEGITIMATE POTUS and therefore Pence is also Not a LEGITIMATE Deputy President.

    There should be another Election or the POST OF POTUS should Rightfully go to Hilary Clinton

  4. None are so blind are those who refuse to see. I never believed that there were so many uneducated rednecks who know how to vote. Our choices are to be buried in trumps debt or eradicated by our enemy’s when his russian friends finally turn on him and us.

  5. With out a dought to bad the fools who elected him still believe he cares about them. And have you ever noticed every time he speaks he flashes the loser sign with his hand.

  6. Après moi, le deluge! Ah, Trump, you will make millions and millions at the expense of the American population.

  7. According to the Miami Herald “One of President Donald Trump’s luxury golf resorts in Florida was ordered by an appeals court to pay a local supply company that wasn’t paid in full for paint used to spruce up the property’s 10 lodges in 2014.

    Trump National Doral Miami must pay The Paint Spot more than $32,000 plus attorney’s fees of about $390,000, meaning the total Trump must hand over is almost triple the original paint bill of $142,530. The ruling was issued Wednesday by Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal in Miami.”

    What would congressional republicans have done if Obama did this? Bill Clinton was impeached by Republicans for lying over an oval office hummer. Trump is national embarrassment and should be impeached, and anyone who still supports this slime bag needs therapy.

    • As long as the Republicans control congress, I wouldn’t expect anything to be done. Power & greed are the only things they understand. One can only imagine how much the rwnjs would be howling if a Democratic administration would be doing this…..

  8. Trump did not fool anyone. All the signs were there and people chose to ignore the obvious. Ripping off a country’s treasury is what happens in dictatorships (and the like. They have no qualms about what they do. Most of his rich cronies behave the same and believe that there is some entitlement in their ways.

    • I AGREE 100 % He showed them what he was but they still wanted him there and those idiots still wants him there.
      Trump did not fool anyone. All the signs were there and people chose to ignore the obvious

  9. Bravo… Trump is acting like a king and is laughing all the way to the bank. It was great to read this as this has been what I have been saying for some time now. It is a pity that his supporters are too ignorant to see this. They are blinded by his cons. Wake up people!!!

  10. Trump is using tax payer money for his personal slush fund. It’s time to indict this ass wipe!@

    If this was Obama the right wing nut jobs would be howling!

  11. Herr Trumpf has always been a scam artists he con everyone who does business with him,sometimes leaving everybody broke but himself .while bein the president continue to do while still be in charge of his business and pretending to be the president at same time. now he is training theTrumpf kids to continue on how to con people this is why he has his daughter there to keep him up to daily events in the Trumpf business Herr Trumpf has said he plans on making billions from taxpayer money. we all need to remember Trumpf grandfather made millions as a saloon keeper and operated whorehouses

    • We haven’t been a democracy for at least a couple of generations. We’re now an oligarchy. It’s the rich that have control of this country, and future legislation from this Republican Congress will only benefit them.

  12. Most of the article is true. But why resort to racism? Calling Trump’s family “rich Gypsies” is equivalent to calling them “rich Jews”. A million Gypsies were murdered by the Nazis. As someone of Jewish heritage, I am disturbed when another people are slurred.

  13. Could not have said it better myself! Our entire government has been corrupt for years, but this scam artists will be noted as the “THE BEST” there ever was! And given the fact Trump loves & brags on himself so much and the titles he likes stamped across his forehead, I’m sure he is willing to LOVE even negative titles, if it makes him news worthy and keeps his name in the lime-light! Good job to those who voted this yahoo into office! Hope you are surprised when he financially rapes you to benefit himself and his brewed of a family, of which we all are also paying for – despite we only elected him! Good Job! All of us who voted against him, are laughing at the suckers who did!

    • Yeah, well, we are having the last laugh snowflakes. Your goose is really going to be cooked after mid-terms. The laughing from this side is going to make yours sound like a whimper.

  14. I agree. I have said this even before he won the presidency. Trump is for Trump, for Trump, and again for Trump. What bothered me is he has the most needed people fooled. He disrespect people and expect to get royal returns. I am so disappointed that people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan just sit silence and let him rob our country. They are all money grabbers. Money talks. America is turning into a dictatorship. SAD!
    SAD! SAD!

  15. I wrote even before Trump clinched Republican nomination that this fellow is a swindler and should not be nominated. The non populist talk of other contestants doomed them while this fraud coasted to victory. As we see he is no populist unless you consider his looting of US Treasury a populist action. Trump kept saying that the US is like a third world country. It wasn’t but now he is trying tp prove it. In many third world countries the thuggish leaders loot their treasury. In Malaysia the Prime Minister is being investigated for helping himself to several million dollars from the country’s sovereign wealth fund. Trump is now living up to these ideals and he in a way is right in proving that we are third world. May his voters bite their tongues.

    • I’ve just about lost hope regarding the voter and the acceptance of how this administration and family is raping the people of the US. In my opinion, the rw has a propaganda machine that would rival Nazi Germany’s. Dr. Goebbels would be sooooo proud of the GOP machine. This is why so many people have been indoctrinated to the point that they continually vote against their interests. And we “libtards” have nothing that can even come close with efforts that can broadcast the facts. Not only Trump, but the whole Republican party loves “the uneducated.”

  16. I could not agree more.This guy puts P.T.Barnum to shame and you thought the circus was going out of business ! Too much competition for Ringling Brothers.America you’ve been TRUMPED!!!!!

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