Most white Democratic women support Hillary. They see her as the first of their gender to break this, the ultimate American glass ceiling for women. Their husbands and brothers may support her for one or both of two very different reasons.

One, they simply don’t want to vote for a (half) black person, something that has been discussed by analysts. I won’t address that here. Another reason seems to have been ignored. This is that they just can’t conceive of Hill really being the boss of Bill * if she gets elected.

I believe there are many white male blue collar who just can’t believe, or won’t even entertain the possibility, that any woman could dominate a man like Bill Clinton.

For some of these men, Bill represents an ego ideal not in spite of, but because of his serial affairs and the shameless brazenness of his Oval Office dalliance with Monika. They are the men who don’t parse the meaning of the word "is" because they assume that the only thing Bill did wrong was get caught.

These men see Bill puffing out his chest and spreading his peacock plume wagging his finger in the face of reporters who dare point out his repeated contradictory statements. They like his bluster and audacity.

He’s proud and pugnacious, and they like it. When Hillary comes across as strident , prompting the "B-word", they overlook it because they know if she’s elected, Bill will put her "in her place".

This is their Bill. This is a man who no one dominates, certainly not his wife, even if she has fought her way to be one of two final candidates for the Democratic nomination.

These voters will vote for Hillary Clinton assuming that behind the scenes Bill will be calling the shots.

The fact that his precise role in a Hillary Clinton White House can’t be predicted, and will no doubt be something speculated about, when it comes to running the country, Hill will be the boss of Bill.

But this doesn’t sink in with men who are culture bound to a view of marriages as male dominated. When they vote for Hillary, they really believe they are voting for a third Bill Clinton presidency.

I know I wrote a column speculating about whether Hillary had an underlying, perhaps unconscious, reason for tenaciously pursing the nomination despite the dwindling odds she can win. I titled that column "Does Hillary have a Monika motor driving her to be the boss of Bill?" That was about my belief that as president she could easily relegate Bill to the level of a GS-13 civil servant. It’s only peripherally relevant to this column.


  1. While the prospect of a third term for Bill Clinton may seem desireable to some I think the time of the Clintons has come and gone.
    I don’t think many of us saw it coming until Super Tuesday and from then on it’s been like watching someone fall downstairs in slow motion.
    Hillary’s camp failed to plan for the aftemath of Super Tuesday and that was a fatal flaw.
    We’ve all seen the numbers and the “Presumptive Nominee” just needs to be patient for a little while longer and he’ll grab the brass ring.
    At that point the Hillary supporters need to take a breath of fresh air, shake it off and immediately begin to tromp on John McCain.
    Unless one is willing to embrace four more years of the chimp’s policies there is no other rational choice.
    Remember folks, Dems are showing up in record numbers at the primaries because they’re sick of the status quo.
    Meanwhile McCain’s party really doesn’t like him, he’s really a poor candidate and one doesn’t have to turn over too many rocks to find plenty of crap to throw at him.
    Let’s concentrate on the big picture and prevail in December.

  2. Oh Hell! I just got the pepsi poured and the popcorn out of the microwave and was all settled up in my recliner to watch the show. Now I will have to go find Keith Obermann or somebody else good at insulting with class.

    Seriously, I have always been impressed by this groups ability to discuss volitle issues with civility and intelligence. Only of late have a couple of people deviated from that. It only takes one, if allowed, to spoil the whole barrel.

    Thank you Doug for all that you do.

  3. All right. Everyone calm down. The poster who decided to engage in verbal acupuncture is history as will anyone else who uses such tactics.

  4. Message deleted.

    Continued uncivil postings about feelow members of our posting community will result in all your posts being summarily deleted without explanation.

  5. ok Hal, surely you cannot chastise me, and allow those somewhat uncivil comments of Sheep to remain. I just know you are better than that.

  6. Sherry – I acted in haste to chastise you and I am sorry. What you said was indeed mild.

    I went out for pizza for an hour and returned to this and as you can see took immediate action. I can’t monitor the comments constantly but because I work from home I try to check them frequently.


  7. Nomar:
    Can you explain to me and to the rest of the WORLD, who are quite GOOD at MATH, how 54.3%-45.7% equals 10%?
    According to my math skills, 8.6% is what Billary won by.
    It’s people like you, FALSE NEWS NETWORK, RUSH WINBAG AND DUMB HANNITY continuously show the rest of American and the world, not only is AMERICA DUMB, BUT STUPID AS WELL!
    God help us all!
    Obama ’08


    Note from moderator: "It’s people like you" is an unnecessary attack on a fellow poster. Please refrain from this kind of reference.


  8. Hal, bless your heart. I have never, ever been called uncivil on this board or any other. If you think this was an attack, apparently you haven’t spent much time in the real world.
    I was stating a fact. Obama supporters are whiney. Just as Hillary supporters are whiney when things don’t go their way.
    I cannot help noticing however, that is perfectly ok, for someone to be uncivil, if they happen to be backing you man.
    Clearly you are not up for my comments, therefore, I will not comment on your articles again. That last thing I would want to do is offend you.:)

  9. There is no need for the first two sentences above, especially after my warning about deleting uncivil posts. Keep posts to the point.

    The third: The title of the column says "some".

    The fourth: Yes.


  10. What kind of malarkey is this? What planet are you from? How about guys who like Hillary because she’s the strongest candidate? Has that ever occurred to you?

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