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Friday, December 3, 2021

Trump: The Kremlin’s President

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(Illustration by Sean McCabe/Politico)

Bombastic Donald Trump, who claims to be a billionaire many times over, although others in the financial world say otherwise, is set to become President of the United States at the end of next week and will certainly be controversial, unfocused, arrogant and full of lies.

In other words, the same old Trump.

America’s newest President comes to office with a growing number of clockers and watchers  convinced the upcoming resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the personal pick of Russian boss Vladimir Putin.

Will we have a “Kremlin candidate” in the White House.

Evidence says he is: Bought and owned by Putin and his cronies.

Trump and Putin are in “man love” with each other.  Trump not only admits his fondness for Putin and extolls apparent support from the boss of a country that is considered an enemy of the United States by most in the know.  He brags about it and calls Putin a “better leader” than the American President who finished out his two terms next Friday.

Putin is also a “leader” who routinely violates human rights, makes opponents “disappear,” either by leaving them in a hell-hole called the Russians gulags or simply ordering their deaths.

To complicate Trump’s unlikely ascension to power in the United States, a dossier prepared by a former intelligence officer of Britain’s famed “MI-5,” contains embarrassing details of Trump’s sexual shenanigans, shady business deals and fraud.

Trump openly lied in his press conference in New York this week when he claimed he not not had any dealings with Russia.  He’s been trying to get a real estate foothold in Moscow and other parts of Russia for more than 30 years, announcing at least two “Trump Tower” projects that fell apart, staging a gaudy Miss Universe Pageant in the Russian capital, and taking questionable investments from shady “entrepreneurs” from the former bastion of communism.

It’s no stretch of anyone’s imaginations that Trump’s background is a myriad of shady deals, sexual no-nos and outright criminal activity.  That’s been his style since moving into Manhattan, losing billions with casinos, leaving investors high and dry and pursuing willing bed-partners like a sex-crazed frat brat in heat.

Trump calls any action he takes as “the greatest in the world” and claims he comes into the Presidency with an “overwhelming mandate from a vast majority of Americans” along with “one of the greatest victories in the Electoral College in history.”

In reality, something Trump blatantly ignores, he lost the popular vote by just under three million votes and his Electoral College victory is far from the largest or most convincing in American political history.

Is Trump a Russian dupe?  An increasing mountain of evidence says he is.  Valid American intelligence analysis of Russian hacking of the 2016 Presidential election show Putin approved a campaign of leaks and misinformation with the goal of helping Trump win the election against long odds.

Trump, with usual swagger, claimed in multiple Twitter “tweets,” claimed the intel agencies lied but an aide says he “reluctantly” acknowledges the reports are true.

This past election is not the first electronically tampered with by the Russians but it was the most successful, aided by a candidate with lots of skeletons in his gaudy penthouse and a penchant for attracting racists, bigots, homophobes and haters to the cause.

Trump is Russia and Putin’s man in the White House.  He’s not a mole but a crass self-promoter who lied and cheated his way to prominence and now power, a puppet of our enemies and a treasonous threat to our American way of life.


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3 thoughts on “Trump: The Kremlin’s President”

  1. So now what? Impeach his orange ass and we get Timothy Pence, whose idea of the separation of Church and State left the building twenty years ago.


    • I have to agree Jon. It could very well go from bad to worse. With Pence, we would be seeing the U.S. in the 18th. century again.

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