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Friday, December 3, 2021

Jail to the chief? Which chief?

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Is Donald Trump's future include time in jail...
Is Donald Trump’s future include time in jail…
...or will it be Hillary behind bars?
…or will it be Hillary behind bars?

Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump a “liar” and “unqualified” to be President of the United States.

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton “crooked” and “headed for jail.”

When Campaign 2016 comes to a thankful close, someone will examine what both candidates talked about on the stump.

We can already tell you.  Both attacked each other most of the time and talked very little about what they might or might not actually do as President of the United States.

This has been a campaign mostly devoid of talk on the real issues facing Americans.  Little time to do so when the campaign goal is to take down your opponent, hard.

Clinton insiders say she was planning to pivot to positive campaign themes in this final weekend of a too-long, too-contentious campaign but that plan went away when the polls tightened and the race that appeared all but over a couple of weeks ago may now go down to the wire.

A New York Times/CBS News Poll released this week shows eight out of ten voters say Campaign 2016 repulsed at a time when they should be excited by one of the candidates.

Reports The Times:

In a grim preview of the discontent that may cloud at least the outset of the next president’s term, Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are seen by a majority of voters as unlikely to bring the country back together after this bitter election season.

With more than eight in 10 voters saying the campaign has left them repulsed rather than excited, the rising toxicity threatens the ultimate victor. Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic candidate, and Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee, are seen as dishonest and viewed unfavorably by a majority of voters.

Clinton remains the slight favorite with four days remaining because of a strong advantage with women and non-white voters and a slightly more favorable rating over Trump when it comes to voter distrust.  More than 22 million Americans have voted early and that is expected to boost her chances.

Yet in this year of wild swings by voters, anything can happen and, incredibly, a majority of voters could prefer a former TV reality show host and billionaire bully with a questionable business record and a long record is exaggerated claims and lies.

If Clinton wins, Republicans in Congress are expected to throw every roadblock they can muster to halt any legislative agenda and some are talking about immediate impeachment proceedings, even if the FBI latest examination of her emails from her time as Secretary of State does not produce any indictments.

If Trump wins, the Democrats will declare war and try to make him a one-term or less President.  He is already under investigation for possible criminal activity for his failed “Trump University” money scheme as well as potentially illegal actions by his foundation.

He has predicted that Clinton, if she wins, could be the first President indicted in office because of the email scandal.  What he doesn’t say is that if he wins he could be indicted.

In a level of hypocrisy that surpasses normally high levels of double-talk and hyperbole, Trump the liar calls most of his opponents “liars,” Trump the con man and businessman who has bragged about thriving as investors in his projects get wiped out calls others “criminal” and “corrupt.”

He has trotted out the old “Whitewater” investigation that produced lots of headlines but no indictments either then-President Bill Clinton or his wife and claimed Clinton and her husband “murdered” former aides and those who got in their way.  As with so much of his shouting and blabbering, there isn’t a shred of truth in those outlandish claims but his cult-like followers lap it up.

Clinton does have problems.  Her reckless use of a private email server as Secretary of State was an impulsive but unwise move.  Hacked emails raise questions about a Bill Clinton using her role as Secretary of State to woo foreign contributors to his foundation and despite many laudable actions in her long political career, she has a bad habit of taking too many shortcuts to get things done.

She and Trump Tuesday go before voters who really don’t know what either would actually do as President.  Voters have been told, over and over by their opponents, what each would do to hurt the country while neither have been forthcoming about how they might accomplish if they get the job.

So voters are left with the task of not deciding who is best but who is least worst.

Either way, the real losers in this election are the voters and the country.


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  1. It’s not even close Doug. dRumpf isn’t even qualified minimally. Clinton will hit the ground running, the question though in her case is where to once she hits?

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